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FAQ: Featured bands

3.1 - Why is this band not featured? How do I add a band?

As much as we'd like to, we can't feature every metal band here, even every good one. There are simply way too many of them. You can suggest bands that should be added, though.

If you see an inactive or invisible band profile, you can submit all the information needed (all band members past and present, full discography including any demos, etc. and all other essential information) and contact a Staff member - they will check to see if everything is present and correct and if it is the band can possibly become active!

If a band does not even have an invisible or inactive profile then again, PM a Staff member to add it. Please include the band's website and/or their social media pages in your PM. After the empty profile is added, you can fill in all missing information yourself and ask to make the band visible.