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Lutharö is a melodic metal band hailing from Hamilton, Canada.

Formed in 2013, Lutharö strive to sculpt an epic sound that sees aspects of power and death colliding, combining artfully crafted melodies, harmonies and precision with a hard-hitting power.

Lutharö has shared the stage with worldwide touring acts including Unleash The Archers, Alestorm, Nervosa, The Agonist, Exmortus, Striker and more.

'Hiraeth', the new full-length album will be released on October 15th, 2021. Following their 2018 debut EP 'Unleash The Beast', and 2020 EP 'Wings Of Agony', 'Hiraeth' sees the quintet push their compositional and performance skills further than ever before.

'Hiraeth' is an epic exploration of the band’s technical, musical and compositional abilities. Expertly balancing hauntingly beautiful atmospheres with raw power and aggression. A fantastically epic journey that needs to be experienced to be believed.

Source: Official website

Posted: 15.09.2023 by Yaniv


The year is 2019, and the brothers Andreas and Simon are working on the first ripping riffs from a damp cellar in Horsens, which have since mutated into a carousel of death. On the way to their first single, 'Plagueface', which came out in the spring of 2020, the brothers have been accompanied by three like-minded plague knights.

Together they have cast a handful of raw compositions that are described as "A good hearty round of Swedish type death metal, that was later released on the EP, 'Primal Priest', which was released in the end of 2020.

Since the release of the first EP, Plaguemace has been playing a vast amount of shows throughout underground venues in Scandinavia, Germany and UK with more to come.

In 2023 Plaguemace signed with both Napalm Events and Napalm Records.

Musically, associations are drawn to bands like High On Fire, Entombed, Grave and Motörhead, seasoned with brutal breakdowns and spine-bending grooves.

The intention to serve a rock'n'roll explosion of the highest caliber, is brought on stage every time the band sets foot in any kind of venue, where their over-the-top chaotic circus of death is burning to annihilate and dominate throughout the entirety of the metal scene.

Source: Official website

Posted: 14.09.2023 by Yaniv

The Magus

Following Baron Blood's death, The Magus decided to disband NECROMANTIA by releasing their final album "To the depths we descend" in 2021. But his personal musical and mystical journey did not stop there....His inner flame which urges him to create dark and original extreme art, expressed through music and lyrics never ceased to burn....So in the summer of 2022 The Magus decided to give birth to a new musical project, entitled simply and appropriately, THE MAGUS.

Joined by longtime associates, EL (SOULSKINNER, ZARATUS, THOU ART LORD, PRINCIPALITY OF HELL etc) on guitars and MAELSTROM (NECROMANTIA, YOTH IRIA, THOU ART LORD, PRINCIPALITY OF HELL etc) on drums in order to complete the formula and start working on material for the upcoming album to be released in October 2023 via THE CIRCLE MUSIC, entitled "ΒΥΣΣΟΔΟΜΩΝΤΑΣ" (Greek word, actual meaning is "building in the depths", common use meaning "conspiring in the darkness").

Expect nothing but high quality art, aristocratic black metal and nightmares coming to life.
More co-conspirators will join as guests and will be announced in due time.
Until then....


Posted: 12.09.2023 by Bad English

Impure Wilhelmina

For over 20 years, Impure Wilhelmina has been creating music on the border between rock and metal. Over time, their line-up has much revolved around one of their founding members, Michael Schindl, main composer and lyricist. Several encounters have allowed the band to endlessly rethink their direction and make of each of their albums a singular piece, keeping a unique touch, mixing intensity, heaviness, melody and melancholy.
Impure Wilhelmina has released a 7'', an MCD, a split and four albums.. Since 2001, the band has significantly collaborated with Serge Morattel for the recording and the production of their music. It is especially the case for the two albums which can be considered as the keystones of the band's style; "I can't believe I was born in July" (2003) and "L'amour, la mort, l'enfance perdue" (2005).

The following album, "Prayers and arsons" (2008) marks a new step in their evolution with the input of more rock styled elements. Impure Wilhelmina has continued to compose tracks keeping in mind that they must not rest on their laurels. Singing takes up more space and becomes clearer, to reinforce the intensity and the depth of the melodic component. It's in this state of mind that the band has recorded "Black Honey", which was released in early 2014. This record caused surprised and enthusiasm, revealing new multiple aspects in the music of the band.

Following the echo of " Black Honey ", lmpure Wilhelmina signed a record deal with Season of Mist. In December 2015, the group began working on his new album, again recorded by Serge Morattel. This album, entitled " Radiation ", and composed of 10 new tracks, will be released on July 2017 by Season of Mist.

Based in Geneva, Impure Wilhelmina performed in many European countries (Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria?) for shows where the emotional panel conveyed by the music is still gaining in intensity.

Posted: 11.09.2023 by Yaniv

Art Of Shock

Dark Angeles. Not merely a play on words, but a statement on what lies beneath the sunshine and sheen of the California dream. Art of Shock are a band with the sheer will and determination to make it even amidst that backdrop of broken dreams. "There's a desperate heartbeat that comes with life in Los Angeles," says Art of Shock guitarist and frontman, Art Geezar. "People come here with big dreams and very little else. It makes them do shitty things just to get by. It's a desperate place."

Art of Shock's Century Media debut, Dark Angeles, churns with that intensity of the city of (fallen) angels. AOS' hard-luck and hard-won story begins in Mexico City, where Brothers Art and drummer Adrian Geezar grew up; inspired by classic thrash and metal bands became the fuel for their earliest musical endeavors. Moving to Los Angeles only served to push the nascent Art of Shock. "I booked a show without having a full band!" Adrian recounts. Making a few friends and pulling together a scrappy line-up, Art of Shock began to make a dent playing in Hollywood. "It's one of the three places you know to go to, to play music," says Adrian. "Plus, it was closer and cheaper than New York and London!" Being perennial outsiders, the brothers didn't give a shit about playing the "cool" spots in town. They made friends and played to whomever would have 'em. "It felt like we were the house band at The Whiskey for a time," says Arturo. "We didn't know or care where we played - as long as there was a stage there." As members drifted in and out of the band, Art of Shock found their sound - growing harder and faster, and faster.

The Geezars sheer determination, early in the band's career, earned Art of Shock a spot on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour. Firing off a blind email to Warped founder Kevin Lyman won them a slot on the tour's Ernie Ball stage in exchange for manning the grill at each post-show Warped barbecue. "It was the best way for us not to lose money!" laughs Adrian. We didn't realize we were going to be feeding hundreds of people each night. It was hard but it was worth it. We were the weirdos of the tour. We were this metal band playing in front of kids who were there for pop punk and screamo - but somehow we ended up selling 3000 CD's!"

The hard work paid off - slowly. Shows around Southern California, opening for the likes of Trivium and Cavalera Conspiracy ("We really related to their story as brothers growing up," says Art) garnered Art of Shock fans and a reputation as one of L.A.'s top metal bands, standing apart from the hordes of backyard thrashers and Echo Park hipsters. "We started on the Sunset Strip and aren't ashamed of that," says Art. In fact, it was at a show at The Roxy opening for Sacred Reich and Hirax that Art of Shock (now rounded out by lead guitarist Nick Ertel and bassist Brice Snyder) caught the attention of Century Media Records, who signed the band shortly afterwards. "Century Media was a name we had grown up with as kids," says Adrian. "Our 'Inner Kid' was super-super stoked when the possibility of working with the label came about!"

Enter nearly a year of painstaking writing and rewriting as Art of Shock rose to the challenge of their new label home. Songs were written, honed, rewritten and tossed by the wayside as the band worked away in a cramped, North Hollywood rehearsal space. They walked out a stronger, more focused unit: ready to travel to Nashville to work with producer and mixer, Mark Lewis, who had already distinguished himself with his work with the likes of Megadeth, Cannibal Corpse and The Black Dahlia Murder. "Mark really pushed us to the limits," states Arturo. "He really know what he was doing in terms of getting the best performances out of us."
"We wanted to make a record that wasn't just another thrash record," adds "Adrian. "We have a lot more aspects to our sound, growing up on rock, punk and metal and we wanted all of that to come out in the record and sound modern at the same time. Mark really helped us deliver that."

From the roaring-out-of-the-gate riff to opening track, "Cast a Shadow", it's apparent that Art of Shock's first full-length album is a more amped-up proposition than any old friends or fans could have possibly expected. With drums and guitars pushing each song into "the red", Dark Angeles careens with the sort of energy that backs up You can hear it Art's riffs, Adrian's just-on-the-verge drumming and Nick's fluid guitar work. Art of Shock's hard work and determination. "Execution Song" flips the switch into mid-tempo riff-ride before the title track picks things up into scalding sonic territory. Through it all, the band never sacrifices melody or musical chops as Art's slightly accented snarl gives way to passionate, singalong choruses ala classic Megadeth fueled on the intensity of early Sepultura. Top it off with a bombastic cover of Iggy Pop's anthemic (and in AOS' case, all-too-appropriate) cover "Lust for Life" and Dark Angeles is every bit the classic debut that the Geezar brothers fought and scraped their way through the "jungle" that everybody from Guns N Roses to the streetpunks on Hollywood Boulevard have welcomed us to and warned us about. "Even the people we see who have come here and made it are still a little bitter and cynical about this place," says Art. "It's a tough city but in our time living here we've learned that you can't give into that - you've got to take every challenge to the limit!"
"The process of making this album really solidified the band," adds Art. "We became a gang - we actually all live together in the same house now!" Art of Shock's story is every bit the classic tale of a band arriving in Los Angeles, taking on every challenge in front of them with integrity and a genuine "fuck-all" attitude. They're not about to give up any time soon.

Source: Facebook

Posted: 08.09.2023 by Yaniv


Sinetrium is a Czech thrash/speed/melodic metal band from Pilsen, Czech Republic, founded in 2011 (from 2012 as Sinetrium). The band is known for its energetic and aggressive style, which combines elements of thrash metal with fast speed metal passages and melodic motifs.

In their career so far, Sinetrium have released several music recordings and performed at various music festivals and concerts. Their live performances are renowned for their intensity and their ability to draw the audience into an atmosphere full of energy and passionate metal.

Posted: 28.08.2023 by Starvynth


The world is ruled by speed. Speed which drives history forward in a state of ever-increasing acceleration. Such is the central claim of dromology; a theory of speed originated by French philosopher Paul Virilio (1932-2018).

It is on this premise that the new Danish-American metal band Terminalist base their conceptual universe. On their debut album, The Great Acceleration, they bring the dromological philosophy together with their own science fiction narratives as they describe a world in crisis and a planet in collapse being abandoned in favor of colonization of space.

Terminalist formed in 2018 and debuted a year later with the EP Abandon All Liberties, followed in 2020 by the single "Voyagers". The four-man band harken back to the traditional and technical thrash metal of the late 1980's, bringing it up to date by fusing it with black metal blast beats, death metal growls and grandiose prog rock concepts. The result is modern in its concoction, yet retro in its appeal; a style the band itself has dubbed hyperthrash.

Terminalist use the lens of dromology to describe the duality of technology and investigate Virilio’s thesis that the invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck, continuing the thrash metal tradition of political criticism and pessimism about the future. Yet, Terminalist fit in among a new generation of metal bands using the genre’s monstrous sounds to illustrate the downfall of modern society in favor of something new and unknown. This is conveyed in a sound which is fast and aggressive, melodic and dynamic, catchy yet technical.

Source: Facebook

Posted: 17.08.2023 by Yaniv

Sanguine Glacialis

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Sanguine Glacialis shared the stage with Dark Tranquillity, Omnium Gatherum, Necronomicon, Unexpect, Anonymus and many more. The band experiments with multiple musical styles, such as jazz, classical, folkoric music, latin music, etc. while keeping a very strong melodic death metal accent. The results give birth to intense, captivating and "headbangable" songs. So, if you like intense melodic music, come and danse La Valse des condamnés!

Source: ReverbNation

Posted: 16.08.2023 by Dream Taster

Stonemiller Inc.

Straightforward hard rock, an unmistakable voice, handmade, straightforward and with a lot of soul.

This is the synergy of singer Francis Soto (ex Subway, wicked Sensation, infinity's call), guitarist Olli Fuhlhage (ex Mob Rules), the Slovenian guitar magician Tilen Sapa č, bassist Ingmar Viertel (part of " Steamhammer and Decadent “UDO) and the Argentinian drummer Charly Agüero (Tristemente Célebres).

You have already stood on international stages with well-known bands such as Kansas, Asia, Scorpions, Helloween, Lordi, Doro, Amon Amarth, etc. In Stonemiller Inc. they have joined forces and are now on a journey together.

Nothing here is composed with calculation or designed for commerce. With every song you can feel the passion and the heart and soul of every single musician. It should grab you and put you under its spell, that's the band's stated goal. Rock n ‘Roll is a journey, a way of life and in the moment the sum of all emotions and experiences that are captured in every song.

The band is currently working flat out on their debut album. The first work is mixed and mastered by Kane Churko (Hideout Studios Las Vegas, producer of Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and many others).

Source: Official website

Posted: 15.08.2023 by Yaniv

Elm Street

Upon forming in 2003 Elm Street has been spreading their own brand of traditional heavy metal to masses across Australia. The rawness of the band wearing influences on their sleeve meant crowds we're instantly attracted to the band when they visited each point of the country. Shows with Australia's leading bands The Angels, Vanishing Point, Black Majesty & The Poor saw the band adapt quickly to a big stage and a roaring large crowd.

By 2010 the band had not only established a strong following across the nation but a style which saw them mix the best parts of their heavy influences. In September 2010 the band entered the studio with recruited co-producer and engineer Ermin Hamidovic from Systematic Productions to record their debut release.

It would be April 2011 which welcomed the world to 'Barbed Wire Metal', the album allowed Elm Street to not only extend their exposure further interstate but to a broader scale internationally. This was in help of high credits on the album such as mastering at Panic Room Studios in Sweden and artwork by the legendary Ed Repka responsible for Megadeth's infamous album covers such as 'Rust In Peace' and 'Peace Sells...but who's buying' among others.

The band was now sent on a roller coaster ride across Australia with shows accompanying acts Mortal Sin, Blood Duster and US Thrashers Toxic Holocaust. As the crowds we're building so was the attention from overseas labels and in a short amount of time the album was re-released in the USA by Stormspell Records in July 2011. With the a stable record label now delivering the album to further audiences ELM STREET was now set on location to record their debut film clip to the title track of the album. The video clip for 'Barbed Wire Metal' was released in September 2011.

With such a positive response from the Stormspell release and the film clip now circulating the globe through a frenzy, Elm Street was upgraded to a bigger opportunity signing with German based label Massacre Records in October 2011 were the album was now being distributed a month later worldwide. Reaching to audiences all over Europe and reviews of the album now pouring in from magazines such as Metal Hammer, Terrorizer and Decibel Magazine along with countless webzines, ELM STREET was given the opportunity to embark on their first overseas tour in support of the album during May 2012. 'Barbed Wire Metal Across Europe' would see the band extend their trip from May 2012 to November 2012 playing countless shows across Europe & the UK with acts Warbringer, Gama Bomb, Hell, Cauldron and headline shows at Europe's prestige venues including a special one-off showcase at London's Crobar.

Returning from Europe the band has set focus to the next release and to take the journey that next step further. Writing is currently in process for a new album and the band foresees a release in early 2014.

Posted: 04.08.2023 by Yaniv