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Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Devin Townsend - Denver, CO - 14th Sept. 2012

Event: Katatonia + Devin Townsend: Epic Kings & Idols Tour 2012
Written by: D.T. Metal
Published: 01.10.2012


Epic Kings & Idols Tour - Denver, CO by D.T. Metal (48)

A couple of weeks ago the "Epic Kings & Idols Tour" rolled into Denver, CO. Kudos to whoever thought of this name since it combined the latest album titles of all three touring bands; well minus Stolen Babies, who didn't play in Denver anyways.

The Devin Townsend Project - Epicloud, Katatonia - Dead End Kings, Paradise Lost - Tragic Idol

Since this was a co-headlining tour, with Devin Townsend and Katatonia rotating on who would close the night, the above was exactly the line-up we had in Denver, CO at the Summit Music Hall.

We had two interviews scheduled for the day, and made it to the venue just in time to watch Devin do his sound check. Epic - and while he is a total entertainer during his live set, he is even funnier during sound check.

You can check out the interviews with Devin Townsend right HERE and the one with Paradise Lost guitarist Aaron Aedy right HERE. Unfortunately, there isn't a bald dude in Katatonia, hence, no interview with them hahaha, nah just joking; it just wasn't in the cards that day.

As already mentioned, the regular show opener Stolen Babies did not perform in Denver [some contractual issues, since they just played in town not that long ago], so by the time the doors finally opened to the public, a sizable line had formed alongside the venue. This was definitely a plus for Paradise Lost, so more people were able to watch them play. I have never seen them live, but do like a fair amount of their songs, so I was really looking forward to finally seeing them.

Starting their set with "Enchantment" off their 1995 album Draconian Times was, in my opinion, a pretty good choice and gave the 'non-fans' a chance to hear a softer, while still being heavy, song. After this they went straight into "Erased" [2002 - Symbol Of Life], and the audience responded with fist pumping and chanting along to this ever so catchy song.

When the band started the opening notes of "Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us" off their 2009 same-titled album, I was seriously wondering if they would play ANY new songs. Not that I mind the older material, in contrary, but Paradise Lost just released Tragic Idol this April and I assumed that more songs from it would be played.

Well, they managed to squeeze in the title track ["Tragic Idol"], and that was it from the new album. Kinda disappointing, but hey, hopefully they come back and will be able to play more new songs.

My thoughts on their performance:
Nick Holmes sounded great! His voice was strong and powerful and I actually do like it better than his growling stuff. Guitarist Aaron Aedy told us in the interview that he likes head-banging more ever since he cut off his hair; and he proved it that night. He and fellow axe swinger Greg Mackintosh did not only do a phenomenal job with their instruments, but also head banged the entire time.

Adrian Erlandsson - I don't even know if something needs to be said about this man. I had the pleasure to watch him drum with At The Gates as well as with Cradle Of Filth, and I am so glad he is now part of the Paradise Lost team; that's all.

Katatonia was up next, and while attendance was not all that stellar at the beginning of the show, more people apparently showed up, so the venue opened up their balcony seating. Nice!

Just as Paradise Lost, Katatonia just released a new album, and to my surprise, the band actually started their set with a song off Dead End Kings. Maybe it was since they were the co-headliner and had more time to play, but who knows.

"Dead Letters", followed by another new song, "Buildings", were chosen to open up their [played mostly in the dark] set. Got it, you want the stage light to reflect the music that you play, but come on a little front light here and there wouldn't have hurt anything.

Besides the light issues, Katatonia's performance was off epic proportions. Jonas Renkse was spot on with his vocals, to the point of CD listening quality vocals, and awesome wouldn't even be the right word here. Their entire set was just spot on; from the guitars to the drumming to the aforementioned vocals, Katatonia overtook the venue with their gloomy stage presence.

All band members put their heart and soul into every song played, which in turn was rewarded by an almost karaoke type response by the audience. Holy crap, the fans in the, at least first three rows, were singing each and every word, from each and every song. But the only other new song they played was "Lethean", while the rest of the set list was a mix of oldies, but goodies.

As soon as Katatonia was done playing and right after their crew took down the backdrop banner, the ever so entertaining "pre-show videos" of Devin Townsend were seen on stage. Those, who have seen "Hevy Devy" live before, know exactly what I am talking about, for all others your loss.

Strapping Young Lad, got it, and all I have to say is: blah, blah, blah. The man is sober now, sporting a shinny bald head and is kicking so much more ass than ever before. But don't take my word; go to a Devin Townsend show and judge for yourself.

For one reason or another, Devin is immensely popular in the Rock Mountain region, which was very apparent by the amount of Ziltoid puppets brought by the audience. But sadly, no songs from the 2007 Ziltoid The Omniscient were played that night.

The band started their set with "Supercrush!" and went straight into "More!" and "Kingdom" off the resent release Epicloud. The fans couldn't have been any happier, and a couple of mosh pits even started to sprout here and there, but luckily, they were shut down pretty quick. Yes, some of the songs played were pretty darn heavy, but Devin Townsend is a performer best enjoyed without the fear of having someone knock you on the floor.

Devin dug deep into his discography with "Regulator" off his 1997 release Ocean Machine: Biomech and the encore, "Bad Devil", off the following year's album Infinity.

Interacting and talking before and during almost every song, he made sure the ambiance was just right for another song off Epicloud, "Where We Belong". He was telling the audience: "It's the Eighty's again lighters are NOT optional, they are absolutely imperative." And oh - em - gee, was he right; this song is so epic, and so atmospheric, that you could easily loose yourself in the music alone. NICE !!!

His whole performance was just great, and again, if you have never seen "Hevy Devy", check out some YouTube footage [to make sure it's your cup of tea], and get your ass to his next gig.

All in all, the entire tour package was great and had something for everyone's taste.

I actually kinda like those "easy listening" shows lately; a welcome change to the usual death and black metal stuff coming to Denver. Or I am just getting soft; either way, I had a blast.

For some more pictures, check HERE.

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Great concert write up. I'm still waiting to see Devin. I had tickets to see him, BTBAM and Cynic in 2010 but a snow storm decided it had plans to keep me from getting out of the drive that night.
I also really appreciate your complete media package from this concert with the interviews and photos as well. I wonder if the web wizards at Metal Storm could come up with some kind of way to intertwine these types of packages in a little more of a graphically pleasing way?

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