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  • This must be YOUR article. Written by yourself and not anyone else.

  • To break off the lead manually (the short snippet appearing in updates and on the front page), insert the [cut] tag where you want the lead to end. Otherwise it will be done automatically.

  • Inserting uploaded pictures: [img1 r]Caption text[/img1] - this code inserts uploaded image 1, aligns it on the right and puts a caption text below it. Text is optional. Available image positions: l - left, r - right, c - center. To insert an image without alignment/caption: [img1]

  • Inserting pictures from the Gallery - single image: [img:648]; whole set: [set:14] - where numbers are image and set id's (can be found in the gallery).

  • Inserting pictures as thumbnails: [url=http://www.picture.url title=Caption for the picture][img]http://www.thumbnail.url[/img][/url]. Don't use it unless you really know what you're doing.

  • We won't accept tiny articles, at least try to make it to 250 words.

  • All articles will be checked and proofread before appearing online. We reserve the right to not publish your article if it turns out REALLY bad.
  • If article is not edited during proofreading, it's published immediately. Otherwise, it goes back to the author for approval. Again, if the author then approves proofreader's edit without changing anything, the article gets published. Otherwise, it goes to the proofreader.

  • Don't edit anything, unless it's necessary - and the article will be published a lot faster, without moving in circles between the author and the proofreader.