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Swallow The Sun - Ghosts Of Loss (Song by Song)

With: Juha Raivio [Guitars]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 07.09.2005

Band profile:

Swallow The Sun
Album info: Ghosts Of Loss

Disc I [CD]
01. The Giant
02. Descending Winters
03. Psychopath's Lair
04. Forgive Her...
05. Fragile
06. Ghost Of Laura Palmer
07. Gloom, Beauty And Despair
08. The Ship

Disc II [Digipak bonus] [DVD]
Live At Judgment Night
01. Swallow (Horror Pt.1)
02. Deadly Nightshade
Live At Deathroil
03. Through Her Silvery Body
04. Psychopaths Lair
+ Descending Winters [video]

01. The Giant:

This is a epic opening track for the album and it bring some new sound for the band. The Giant has a slight progressive vibe in it and it's a story about man and his struggle within. The lyrics follow the music well, and you can feel how this poor man changes thourgh the song into his very end, haunted by his demons from the day he is born.

02. Descending Winters:

Fastest song in the whole album. Basic Swallow the sun song that has really melodic guitars in chorus and ice cold riffs all the way. The song is about descending final winter that will kill all the life in this planet. Awesome song to play live.

03. Psychopath's lair:

In this song we have big MDB and Candlemass feeling going on. Basically it's a heavy metal song but there is lots of black humour in this one. This one is a ittle bit faster song too from this album, but it got really slow part in it too, of course! Psychopath's Lair is a tribute for the bad horror movies and you can really taste the blood from Mikko's singing in this song.

04. Forgive Her?:

Forgive Her... is one of the slowest song in this album, and the whole atmosphere in this song is so haunting that it makes you wanna go to the sunny beach and forget the whole album The lyrics takes you thourgh the painful trip of forgiving or not.. This is what women can do to the mind of a man, but there can be a price to pay at the end ladies!

05. Fragile:

Fragile gives also a new dimension to our sound. There is lots of clean singing in this song and it has great Katatonia vibe in it. This is a mid-tempo song that has also some extreme heavy riffs. Clean and growling vocals comes over you like a big wave. The song is about taking your "dead" women to the last dance, and you can just hear the skeletons playing the violins for the happy coupleJ

06. Ghost Of Laura Palmer:

This is a typical Swallow the sun song with slow melodic guitars and gloomy atmosphere. Lyrics and melody takes you to the night walk throuhg the ruined garden, into the loins of ghost lover. The song got nothing to do with real Laura Palmer or Twin Peaks but the feeling is there, and everybody knows what kind of girl Laura really was, so no love song here.

07. Gloom, Beauty And Despair:

This song is one of my favourites. The beginning of the song is like a prologue for the loss and the slow understanding that the one you love is dying, and there is nothing you can do about it. The painful growling takes you through the first part of the song and when the death comes, it turns totally different song. End of this song turns so desperate and doomy that you have no choice than to follow the story through the land of the dead and over the frozen rivers in search of your loved one.

08. The Ship:

Last song that takes you to the ride towards the end of the album and the end of the world. This is the slowest song we ever done and it has some great Type O Negative feelings in some parts too. The song sails slow to it's end with some clean vocal parts, but the growling gives no mercy at the end when this black ship disappear to the horizon. This song is a perfect ending for the Ghosts of Loss.


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14.11.2009 - 03:02
Liver Failure
''Descending Winters'' lyrics are pretty lame

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I miss these song-by-song analyses/interviews, they are great! Wishing for more in the future of MS!

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