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Radigost - For The Honor Of Our Truth... For The Honor Of Our Faith... (Song by Song)

With: All members
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 13.09.2005

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Album info: For The Honor Of Our Truth... For The Honor Of Our Faith...

01. For The Honour Of Our Truth...For The Honour Of Our Faith...
02. В сердце битвы (In The Heart Of Battle)
03. The Sacred Aim Of Humanity
04. Maestus
05. Пути богов (Pathways Of Gods)
06. Thousands Years Of Darkness
07. Woodlands
08. Небесное пламя (Celestial Flame)
09. Blood And Grief

01. For The Honor Of Our Truth...For The Honor Of Our Faith:

This track is an introduction to the album, it's mood is reflecting the general album's concept: it is like a battle anthem of ancient warriors which were fighting and dying for their motherland.

02. In The Heart Of Battle:

"In The Heart Of Battle" has the Russian lyric. It describes the feelings of a Russian warrior, defending his homeland, his people, and fighting for his freedom. "He is wounded and very tired, his armor is broken, but he does not surrender, he fights the enemy till the end: victory or death"
The base of the song's music was written in 1998, it was planned to make it's instrument set experimental a bit: trumpet, english horn, flute, harpsichord and piano parts are listened very uncommon and fresh, especially in combination with black metal riffs and guitar solos.

03. The Sacred aim Of Humanity:

This song shows the first part of the album's concept good. The concept means aggression as the integral part of the human nature. Never-ending wars, armed conflicts, etc. This song is like a grin or ironical smile at mankind. We do not agitate everybody to be pacifists, just establishing facts.
The music combines classical or medieval themes with doom-metal and even speed metal riffs.

04. Maestus:

"Maestus" is latin word meaning "melancholic" or "sad". This instrumental symbolizes nothing more than it's name. Keyboard parts as the basis of it were written by our drummer Pit Lord, and this is his first experience in composing. I think, that his attempt turned out very successful.

05. Pathways Of Gods:

Another our song, that has russian lyric. This time it tells about arrival of christianity to Russia. Also the song shows attitude of russian people and volkhvs (soothsayers or magicians) to a new religion. Christianity's statement and formation was very hard and bloody in our country.
The song contains folk parts as well as black and doom riffs.

06. Thousands Years Of Darkness:

It's lyric describes the complexity of the human's thinknig. The human mind is a whole world; we can live in a virtual invented worlds, built our own kingdoms, create, destroy and "execute entire nations". But every time we have to wake up in a life, and it is hard for somebody… Life in an imaginary wolrd is much easier than the life in a real one.

07. Woodlands:

Small and fast folky theme. Lyric of "woodlands" is based on slavonic pre-christian beliefs and traditions. Very good to dance to.

08. Celestial Flame:

The last song of the album featuring russian lyric. It is symbolizing the common Indo-European myth, telling about the stolen Sun.
"Celestial Flame" is the last full-length song composed for this album, and it's music is mostly complicated and unordinary for Radigost. It includes lots of folk or even pagan parts as well as medieval parts in combination with doom and power metal riffs.

09. Blood And Grief:

This song's lyrics dedicated to struggle for freedom of Russian people, to ancient wars and conquests. Also this title is symbolizing resistance to the various new age trends, that are made to decrease the intellectual and cultural level of modern European people.
"Blood And Grief" is the last composiotion of the album, it is finalizing the whole concept of the album. The lyric is the same as in the first track, but the music is more hard and epic. Based both on slavonic traditional and classical music styles, it is more like a war hymn for a final mortal battle. You may rest now, the war is over! Until we return again maybe…

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