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Klimt 1918 - Dopoguerra (Song by Song)

With: Marco Soellner [Vocals, Guitars]
Conducted by: Undercraft
Published: 24.11.2005

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Klimt 1918
Album info: Dopoguerra

01. _
02. They Were Wed by The Sea
03. Snow Of '85
04. Rachel
05. Nightdriver
06. Because Of You, Tonight
07. Dopoguerra
08. La Tregua
09. Lomo
10. Sleepwalk In Rome

1. Intro
2. They Were Wed By The Sea

"They were wed" epitomizes the heartening and warm feeling of convalescence. It's the hope returning to bedew earth, making it more bearable. Starting from the strong feelings that the intro, reproducing the 1945 radio announcement of the end of Second World War, expresses: joy and the wish to run to the beach and being "wed by the vitality of the sea" after years and years of efforts and war. It's a liberating song, melodic, happy and in the same time dramatic.

3. Snow Of ´85

It's a nostalgic song, related to the famous 1985 snowfall in Rome. Me and my brother were kids and that event seemed outstanding to us. That memory, almost twenty years later, is sweet and unmerciful, just like all most precious remembrances.

4. Rachel

This song is dedicated to Rachel Corrie, International Solidarity Movement militant from U.S.A, who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer while she was trying to oppose the demolition of Palestinian settlements in the Gaza Strip. She gave her life for the rights of an occupied land as it's Palestine; her story moves us so much to write a song that could describe it.

5. Nightdriver

Nightdriving it's a nice feeling. Streets are empty, air is cleaner and the minds ride far away towards memories. The city fits with this flow and becomes an ensemble of lights and apparitions. In these moments, one rejoins with himself and the grief of a loss turns into elegy. Driving is therapeutic: in its way, refers to the idea of post war as the overcoming of pain and as convalescence. Maybe it's the reason because sometimes we desire to stretch out the journey and keep suspense intact

6. Because Of You, Tonight

it's a song about the fleet of youth and the most beautiful and melancholic sides of adolescent love. Stylistically, it's one of the most instant songs in the record: power pop, little riffs and harmonized vocals.

7. Dopoguerra

A song full of hope: Rome portrayed by the survivors of bombings, the repopulating of the streets, the will to come out into the open and have a sunshower after the long months besieged, the brave necessity to put aside the past e focus on every day's life.

8. La Tregua

The continuance to "Dopoguerra". In fact, they are connected. It's less positive, much more nostalgic then the previous and portraits the most unpleasant aspects of convalescence. The crescendo of the ending erupts in a post rock tasted cavalcade.

9. Lomo

During cold war, Lomo was the camera that KGB used to equip its agents with. Afterwards, it has become a cult device because its peculiarities allow to snap photographs with singular colours and in situations where lighting is prohibitive. Lomographers use it to document their lives and eternalize every day's life.
The song describes the moments in life of a common person, exactly as a lomography.

10. Sleepwalk In Rome

The lyrics of this song have been written just after the great blackout, on 27th September 2003. More than a million people were lost in the streets without a chance to come back home. Ironically enough, a storm raged in the city. We went through a very long way through downtown by feet in a fanciful feel. Seemed like a sleepwalker's delirium but it was utterly real.

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