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SpiRitual - Pulse (Song by Song)

With: Stefan Hertrich [Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards,
Conducted by: Promonex
Published: 04.02.2006

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Album info: Pulse

01. This Battle Is Yours
02. Symphony Of Life
03. Nahash
04. Pulse
05. Khundas [re-release bonus]
06. You Believe [re-release bonus]
07. Save And Heal
08. Nowhereness

Stefan of SpiRitual here, thanks for your interest in the lyrics of our debut mini-CD "Pulse".
Even if this release is quite aggressive and gothic, it has a positive core message. So please let me explain the content of each song:

This Battle Is Yours:
Life is a neverending process of learning, and often you have to face painful moments or defeats. Don't regard such problems as enemies but as road sign for a new and maybe more prospering way through life. Don't be afraid of changes, they are part of your life, and are your friends too, because they make you grow!

Symphony Of Life:
We are often imprisoned in an emotional cell, made of fear, doubts etc. This emotions and thoughts prevent us from fulfilling our personal vision, our plans. Sometimes it's necessary to face what we are afraid of, and old, wise people say that we are usually more afraid than justifiable. Which means: the things we are afraid of aren't as severe as we think! Sometimes, this long time of being afraid causes more pain than facing what we fear directly and quickly. So the message is: have courage and simply try out what should be tried!

Nahash is an ancient word for "snake", symbolizing temptation in many cultures. This song asks you if you are strong enough to resist temptation. We are tempted everyday, by many small things. Tempted to watch TV or play PC games the whole day, instead of spending at least 30 minutes to read a book. Tempted to envy others in our job or school. Tempted to laugh about others, just because they are weaker than we are.

A song about the possibility humans have to create just by thinking. There are many theories in esoteric and psychological science that positive or negative thinking affects our environment in a positive or negative way. So, feel the pulse, feel the energy you carry, and give it to others! You will be rewarded, because one day, you will get this positive energy back from people who think and act like you! However, this song text also describes that it's often difficult to follow cosmic laws like the one described, simply because we cannot "see" or "touch" it. We simply must believe it, be convinced and hope that it works! But if you try out long enough, you will see that it works.

Save And Heal:
Lyrics that shall give solace to listeners who currently go through a bad time, by saying that you shouldn't care that much about what you lost, but simply look forward to what you will gain in the future.

Ethnic fantasy language, therefore no lyrics

Posted on 04.02.2006 by Daniel "Promonex" Pereira loves to enthuse people with stuff he's enthusiastic about; as writer, photographer, promoter and DJ. Metal Storm staff since 2005.

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