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Nomans Land - Raven Flight (Song by Song)

With: Hjervard, bass and vocals
Conducted by: Susan (e-mail)
Published: 06.01.2007

Band profile:

Nomans Land
Album info: Raven Flight

01. To The Far Lands
02. Sea Battlefield
03. Torir Scald
04. Bridge Warder
05. Mjolnir
06. Hail Normann!!!
07. Raven Flight
08. Dragon's Grin
09. Beard Of Storm
10. War Song
11. Back With Glory

Hjervard: We tried to put the songs in a certain order, so the listener could join us in a Viking campaign and feel himself a part of the story. Sailing away from motherland's coasts and coming back home in glory.

Here we go...

1. To The Far Lands

The very start of the campaign, getting ready, preparing the rigging, the ship, the arms, everything that will be helping the warriors to survive against the enemies and storms…

2. Sea Battlefield

The second composition is about the first skirmish with the enemy and the fight… The northern warriors are gaining the upper hand of the enemy again, getting their share of slaves and loot. We praise you Odin!!!

3. Torir Scald

According to the tradition the Vikings can't do without a scald who will make a good song about their feats of arms. Magic of his songs will help them to defeat the enemies in heated battles and will carry the glory of their victories through centuries, for brave warriors never gave up in the face of hardships, they kept going on, even loosing brothers in arms, who stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the enemy. It happened so that in our crew we also have a scald named Torir who made a saga of first heroic deed.

4. Bridge Warder

When you are in the midst of heated battle knowing that any moment now you can be struck down by the enemy's sword, the time comes to consider if you will be received in Valhalla, if you deserve to sit next to Odin at his table…or you will have to face Hel, surrounded by poisonous snakes.

5. Mjolnr

Flashes of lightning in the black sky and storming wind, northern people know - it can be only him. The one, who spreads fear over Yotunheim and who is worshipped not less than Odin himself. Defender of Vikings and destroyer of giants Tor. He is the one who helps people, inspire them and encourage them to go in for heroic deeds.
That is to his honor all of them wear his hammer talisman Mjolnir!

6. Hail Normann!!!

This song is the actual hymn of the album. Part of motherland which is in every Vikings heart during their long and dangerous companies. We wanted it to be among the best Vikings hymns! While working at it we all were overwhelmed with the emotions. You know when you have goose skin all over the body and you can't help it. We believe the strength of our emotions put into the song will reflect in all pagans' souls.

7. Raven Flight

This is the main composition of the album. The main battle of the campaign and some of them will rest in peace here in this field forever. With every flap of ravens' wing the warrior is getting closer to the victory, flap of the wings and sweep of the skulls - the sea dragon is flying to the battlefield. Here is the ship fully loaded with loot and trophies and it is time to be coming back home. Now only winds and storms will be blocking the way.

8. Dragon's Grin

Dragon's jaws and its grin help to avoid many misfortunes while in the sea. Let Njord not thinks it is easy for him to overpower the good warriors. The Vikings swords are as sharp as dragons' fangs.

9. Beard Of Storm

The powerful Njord doesn't want to lose his chance and get his share of loot trying to make the sea open its jaws and swallow up the brave Normans.

10. War Song

Screaming, clanging and grinding of the arms, creaking voice raven over the battle field and earth, drenched with warriors blood. Even back from their campaign the Vikings will remember long their feats of arms, anticipating new battles and glory.

11. Back With Glory

The dangerous and hard campaign is over and they can almost see the native coasts and the faces of their brides, all there to meet the warriors. We are back home again. We praise you Odin!!! SKÅL!!!

Posted on 06.01.2007 by Susan appreciates quality metal regardless of sub-genre. Metal Storm Staff since 2006.

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06.01.2007 - 04:53
We praise you Odin!!! SKÅL!!! ^^

I just love the way this one is written! Totally over the top, but somehow they did succeed in making the reader feeling like a part of it
All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu... This is the truth! This is my belief! ...At least for now.
- The Mystery of Life, Vol. 841 Ch. 26
06.01.2007 - 14:40
Sweet...these guys are vikings to the bone. SKÅL!!

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
08.01.2007 - 01:50
Account deleted
Haha, that was pretty nice.
19.01.2007 - 12:29

I think they suck.
Atleast, Hammerfrost sucked. Lack of orginality
The silent moment, right before the dusk fades away
I open my eyes, but the darkness stays
21.01.2008 - 16:47
Account deleted
Same idea than in The Varangian Way, from Turisas. I could check this out and see is it as good.
03.07.2008 - 11:37

Written by Asitis on 19.01.2007 at 12:29

I think they suck.
Atleast, Hammerfrost sucked. Lack of orginality

I actually found Hammerfrost album to be very original. The first time I heard it back in 2004 I thought it wasn't anything spectacular (I was listening to many heavier bands at the time and this one is pretty mild by comparison), but then I gave it a spin again last year when I was on a viking/folk metal vibe and found it a very enjoyable listen, and I still come back to it often. What I like about it is that they're not trying to go for a "blackened" sound like so many second-rate "pagan metal" clones, but embrace milder, more relaxed melodies and some clean vocals without trying to show off. They know they won't be the next big thing and got a ways to go with musical development. Their songs aren't complex or blazing with technical originality, but there's a refreshing feel of candor and musical sincerity in their well-crafted, if unrefined, music. I think the fact that they sound a bit unrefined only adds to my enjoyment. It adds that extra bit of folk-flavoring to their sound: folk musicians in distant times have ever been amateurs, and the music was carried less by their professional skill and more by their joy of playing it. (I think that it's for this reason that I also prefer Einherjer's first version of "Norwegian Native Art" before they remastered it...)

So to me, Nomans Land is a good fun to listen to, when I want to relax and chill. They're not in-your-face-gung-ho-viking-heaviness, so if you know what you're in for, you won't be disappointed. I do enjoy their guitars sound too... If anyone reading this is a fan of early Thyrfing (esp. first two albums) and Mithotyn, you'll like these guys.
It's not easy to be Russian and write songs about the Vikings... :-)

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