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Gaia Epicus - Victory (Song by Song)

With: Thomas Christian Hansen [Guitars, Vocals, Songwriter]
Conducted by: wrathchild (e-mail)
Published: 08.03.2007

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Gaia Epicus
Album info: Victory

01. New Life
02. Iron Curtain
03. The Sign
04. Revenge Is Sweet
05. In Memory
06. Awaken The Monster
07. Rise Of The Empire
08. When Darkness Falls
09. Fortress Of Solitude
10. Through The Fire
11. Victory
12. What Else Is There? [bonus]

1. New Life

This song is all about the title "New Life." It's about starting a new life
and to see the positive side of it instead of all the bad things.
As so well said by Monty Python: "Always look on the bright side of life."

2. Iron Curtain

Here we have a very personal song to me, cause the lyrics are about
a very hard time in my life. The ending of this song where it's 3 minutes of
guitar solos is very much Megadeth style. The reason for this is that
when I first made that part it was meant to be a tribute song to Megadeth.
I made the part the same day that Megadeth was put to sleep, but then
the band came back to life and this part just was perfect for the ending
of Iron Curtain.

3. The Sign

Home is always the best place to be, and especially because you have all
your friends and loved ones there. It's always nice to travel to new places and
to see new things, but home is always best. So it's always nice to look up into the
sky when you are away and look at the stars, cause they look exactly the same
no matter where you are and that makes you closer to home.

4. Revenge Is Sweet

The lyrics for this song are about something that happened to the band,
and made the band very angry. That's all I have to say about that!

5. In Memory

A tribute song to our bass player Yngve who was killed in a car crash.

6. Awaken The Monster

I got the idea to this song after watching a TV documentary about a mass-murderer.
This guy was called "The Ice Man" because he had a heart of ice, but I'm not sure
that he had a heart at all. He had killed many people in very nasty ways and didn't
have any regrets.

7. Rise Of The Empire

All I can say is "Long Live Star Wars," best movies ever!!!

8. When Darkness Falls

This song is kind of like an intro for the next song "Fortress of solitude".
Here is where the darkness starts to fall and the next song is what happens after.

9. Fortress Of Solitude

This song is also very personal, and is related to the same time as Iron Curtain
where I had a very hard time in my life.

10. Through The Fire

It's all about the times we are living in right now, where you have to make many choices
all the time and we have wars, sicknesses and many terrible things going on.
We just have to go through the fire and keep the faith for better times.

11. Victory

A tribute song to metal music, but also to prove a victory for the band and myself.
If you just fight for your dreams and never give up no matter how hard things will get,
you can make it all come true one day.


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17.03.2007 - 11:29

This is an awesome album by the way

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