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Sermon interview (05/2023)

With: HIM
Conducted by: RaduP (skype)
Published: 12.05.2023

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When Sermon's Birth Of The Marvelous rolled around in 2019, it left quite an impression on me, especially as a debut album, but even with my expectations set I was still blown away by how much I ended up loving this year's Of Golden Verse. It seems to be a pretty universally beloved album, so taking that fact combined with some recent comments praising the song-by-song format for interviews that we used to have, I asked HIM of Sermon about his mask, his anonymity, hegemony, and most importantly, we went song by song through Of Golden Verse to really dig under the layer of thematic abstractization. And I forgot to ask HIM about HIM.

Posted on 12.05.2023 by Doesn't matter that much to me if you agree with me, as long as you checked the album out.


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13.05.2023 - 15:49
Nocturnal Bro
What an unnerving face, but such a kind voice

Very interesting interview. I liked his honesty about the metal stigma getting in the way of his day job and the details about making/"destroying" his mask. Also, good question about the role of gold in the band.

I agree with his stance as anti-people-telling-other-people-what-to-do. Basically anti-oppression, and not necessarily anti-religion.

Good job reviving the song-by-song descriptions straight from the mind of the creator! (Nice Monty Python reference — I got it — and nice pun with "I don't want to speak for him - but you ARE HIM!" )

Also, interesting opinion on metal and pop: "it's harder to come up with a good pun song than a good riff". I'm not sure I agree, but it's an interesting take.

Thanks for the entertaining interview!
14.05.2023 - 09:22
A Nice Guy
Very interesting interview. I find his whole persona intriguing, his mysterious fellow, but behind the mask he comes across as a true gentleman. I've listened to the latest release numerous times and it's right up there with one of my favorite releases this year, and now I really get a sense of his character behind the music, so thanks for providing us with the interview
15.05.2023 - 08:07

Great interview! thanks for this
15.05.2023 - 18:41

Looking forward to listening to it! Instant subscriber btw. Didn't realize there was a YouTube channel.
That rug really tied the room together, did it not?
16.05.2023 - 10:41

I like the album even more now, after this interview.
17.05.2023 - 16:28

Thanks for doing this.
20.05.2023 - 15:02
Metal Addiction

First of all, I appreciate your efforts in interviewing 'HIM'. His voice is a pleasant surprise to me because I didn't expect the majestic voice from him after listening to the Sermon's new release. I think it is an in-depth interview helping the fans understand the new album.

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