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Dreamwell interview (09/2023)

With: Aki McCullough
Conducted by: RaduP (skype)
Published: 22.09.2023

There are pretty heavy things at the outskirts of metal, some of them coming from the punk sphere, but because they're not actually metal, their place on this website is a bit more ambiguous. We're quite loose on how metal something has to be for us to include here, but we also don't include all screamo bands. One of the bands in this situation is Dreamwell, whose previous album, Modern Grotesque, we covered in our non-metal issue. With the prospect of a new album on the horizon, and with me becoming an even bigger screamo fan in the meantime, their place here was reconsidered. So here we have Dreamwell's Aki McCullough to talk about screamo's relationship with metal and the realities of being a trans musician touring in the US.

In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You will be out on the 20th of October through Prosthetic Records.

Posted on 22.09.2023 by Doesn't matter that much to me if you agree with me, as long as you checked the album out.


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22.09.2023 - 22:32
Nocturnal Bro
Nice interview! I'm not a fan of screamo, but this conversation was interesting to see
22.09.2023 - 23:19
Written by F3ynman2000 on 22.09.2023 at 22:32

Nice interview! I'm not a fan of screamo

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