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Abandoned - Misanthrope review


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Band: Abandoned
Album: Misanthrope
Release date: 2003

01. Misanthrope
02. Private Little Hell
03. Meat
04. I Am The Sun
05. Thousand Sorrows
06. Forcefed 240
07. I Am The Sun [Zipped version]

German trying to do Old-School Trash Metal, or Bay-Area Metal if you like, anyway, is nothing new that is a trend now revive old genres like Trash Metal and Glam Metal, Trash revival occurred a long time ago with the success of bands like The Haunted, Darkane and Dew-Scented.

Now Abandoned present us their debut Ep, containing 7 songs of pure Trash riffing dementia, these guys play by the old rules, and they're sticking to them.
As soon I press the play button, the chunky riffs of the opener "Misanthrope" fill my ears, and I must say is a pleasant surprise to find out that the Ep has really nice production, each instrument is in place!
The second song, "Private Little Hell" follows the same path than the opener, great catchy riffs, great guitar leads and good singing also, neither too throaty, nor screaming.

A Great bass line marks the beginning of "Meat" a great song, again, the catchy riffs are here, we speed things a little for "I Am The Sun" a classic rapid Trash Metal song , we speed thing even more and we welcome "Forcefed 240" a speed monster played at 240 bpm (beats per minute).
The album ends with a bonus track, "I Am The Sun (Zipped version)" when you listen to it first is nothing more than people laughing and strange sounds like if someone were scratching a Cd, but then it came to me when I analyzed the song title a little more, hmm zipped version? This is the fourth song of the album, but played entirely using zippers! 2 zippers act like guitar and go up and down according to the riffs, is really funny and really creative!

Well, at the end Abandoned doesn't impress me much, but surely is a nice listen once in a while, and the record got some great songs, sadly it doesn't got what it takes to be a revolutionary band, groundbreaking or anything like that, maybe the next time, but until then I'll listen this Ep, which is not bad for a first professional effort.

Written by Undercraft | 06.05.2004

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