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Aftershok - Burning Chrome review

Band: Aftershok
Album: Burning Chrome
Style: Heavy metal
Release date: 2004

01. Sound Of Thunder
02. Burning Chrome
03. Against The Rage
04. Dream Maker
05. Livin' On The Redline
06. When Comes The Rain
07. Riot
08. Do You Believe?
09. Bombs Away!
10. The Gathering
11. Edge Of Tomorrow

If you like some classic US Heavy Metal, come on guys I really believe that you should have a look on the first album of this new but above all impressive combo from the USA. Aftershock plays a real classic Heavy Metal, which reminds me our good old Judas Priest and company, in two words the bands which were (and still) the killers of my youth.

No need to wait a lot to say that this "Burning Chrome" is a really good album. The band knew how to produce something which can be compared to the music of the bands of the 80's but in any case it sounds old. That's a classic heavy metal, with powerful riffs, fast tempo and with goodie high vocals. The riffs are good and catchy, and all the melodies will enter and stay for a long time in your head. When I listen to this album, really I have some good vibes and some good feeling because we have a lot of potential Hits (like "Against The Rage" for example) and even if it is and still Heavy Metal from the beginning to the end, the album is varied and that's a good thing really.

The musicians are also very solid, especially George Mihalovich who is an impressive guitarist. This is good, fast and technical but that's not a demonstration, that's not overproduced for nothing, that's only fit perfectly to the music and I must congratulate the band who did in my opinion the good choice.

The production is perfect (even if the cover is a bit kitschy and could be better) no problem with the recording, that's easy to hear all the elements and instruments of the music, that's nice. But my only regret actually comes from the lyrics which are all a bit cliché, you know warriors and all that. Evidently, that's just a matter of taste and I suppose that you understand that I'm not really addicted to this kind of lyrics at the opposite of some people. That's just up to you then?

This is a first impressive album, and if you want some classic Heavy which comes from the USA, "Burning Chrome" the first release of Aftershock is a must, this really professional release deserves some reorganization. In the category, this album is for me one of the surprises of the year.

Written by Jeff | 01.04.2005

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