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Xicon - Theogony review


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Band: Xicon
Album: Theogony
Release date: 2007

01. Protoplaston
02. All Flesh And Smoke
03. Spit
04. Ego
05. Exit The Line
06. Share The Bane
07. The Eye
08. Chemical
09. Pandora
10. Wastelands
11. All Flesh And Smoke [Ayrton Felkor Remix]
+ All Flesh And Smoke [Bonus Video]

"Theogony" is the first album of Xicon, a band from Switzerland which released "Nebula Trance" in 2001 under the name of Nightshade. After that the band has reformed in 2005, they recorded this new album which is a pure album of Indus Metal. It's maybe not outstanding but it's a solid first album and the fans of the genre should have a look on this release because definitely, it deserves their money.

"Theogony" is an album of Indus Metal. But it's not like Oomph! or Ministry, well I mean that even if we have a lot of industrial sounds, it's an album of Metal first where the guitars riffs are in front of the songs. It's well done, the songs are catchy and not really repetitive and really if you like Indus and strong guitars riffs I think that you'll like this album. Fear Factory could even be a good comparison even if the American band is probably heavier and that the music Xicon is colder. It's not perfect though, not hyper original and a bit basic but it works and it's cool to listen to this album.

The album was recorded, mixed and produced by Patrick Aeby and Dom Favez, the two members and producers of the legendary Krokus and mastererd in Germany Christoph Stickel (Oomph!...). Be sure that the sound is clean as hell and perfect. Also, you will even find a guest appearance of Ludovic Loez (SUP) on the song "Pandora" and the video of "All Flesh And Smoke" as a bonus. It's really professional and I only regret the lack of deepness in some songs and the fact that the voice of Dave can be a bit boring sometime. Except these two negative points, the album is ok.

"Theogony" is a good album of Indus. It's not perfect too and the band will maybe have to add something a bit crazier to become a bit more original but the capacities are here and without being one of the albums of the year, "Theogony" is a nice surprise. If they can confirm these words with their next albums, it should be ok for Xicon. Time will tell

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 27.06.2007

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