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Cool Cavemen - Multipolar review


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Band: Cool Cavemen
Album: Multipolar
Release date: 2009

01. Fais Péter
02. Vent'D'Art
03. My Universe
04. Burlesque Burglary
05. Fusion
06. Sunday Afternoon
07. Multipolar Disorder Of Musicality
08. Looking For Fame
09. Funkysaxplayer II
10. Igor
11. Effet D'Argan
12. J'Préfère Que C'Est Mieux
13. Anne-Céline
14. Everyone Make Love
15. Surrénaliste

Sometime, Metal labels sign real UFOS and Cool Cavemen is one of them! The funny story is that the band was invited by the Raismefest organisers in 2007 and their excellent show convinced Gofannon/Thundering records to sign them to release their second album. Some people will say that it's a mistake but honestly when a band is original and simply rocks, it's always a good idea to add some originality in your artist-list Oki "Multipolar" is maybe not a real Metal album but I'm sure that a lot of Metalheads will like it!

To like this release, you'll have to be really open-minded because obviously the Cool Cavemen are not metalheads. Well not really because their music can still have real Metal riffs and real guitars soli but all in all this is Funk, Jazz, Ska and Rock music which lead the album. Cool Caveman's music is groovy and funky as hell, the bass is a real leading instrument and the Saxophone of Thomas is not here for nothing too. The songs are hyper catchy and extremely "positive", "Multipolar" is one of those albums which will give you smile when you'll listen to it. So right, this is not really Metal but if you like the Red Hot, Incubus or even Faith No More, I'm quite sure that you'll like it. On the other hand, if you're not into this kind of music, maybe that the fact that all the songs are fun (the CD even begins with a cool and funny imitation of Homer, his dad and Otto) and that we don't have any let-down will convince some of you that they can listen to other things than Death or Black Metal .

What I really like too on this album is the performance of the musicians. The singer is an amazing singer with great funky voice and the other guys are ALL top class musicians. There is a real harmony between them and we have a fucking "groove" on all the songs. The compositions are intelligent and mix with a lot of ability the different genres, this is classy really. The production is also really good so I can only tell you that I passed a great moment listening to this album and I shouldn't be the only one in that case...

I won't rate this release because it would be totally useless to do any kind of comparison with all the Metal bands that we use to review here. But because of its influences, "Multipolar" deserves to be reviewed here and I'm sure that all the people who like original and fresh music will like this really good release. Just be a bit open-minded, be ready to have fun and move your head on the really good music of Cool Cavemen. Yes despite what you can believe, they're also "Metal" on a side and I'm sure that some of you will like "Multipolar"!

Written by Jeff | 28.01.2009


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29.01.2009 - 18:04

Thanks again Jeff
01.02.2010 - 11:55
Rating: 9

No rating because it ain't metal, but nominated for best Progressive Metal album? C'mon...

Still, I appreciate the plug. Sounds like something I might enjoy...
22.04.2010 - 11:13
Rating: 9

... and indeed I do! This album is great! Not metal for the most part (though a couple tracks do show how it ended up here), but thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for sharing this gem!

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