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The 13 Greatest Black Metal Albums Of The 21st Century

A feature published by Kerrang! on Oct. 30, 2020... I found myself wondering if the author had ever truly listened to Black Metal before.
Below are my selections for The 13 Greatest Black Metal Albums Of The 21st Century (in no particular order):

Honorable Mention: Drowning The Light - An Alignment Of Dead Stars (AUS)

1. Agalloch - The Mantle
2. Alcest - Écailles De Lune
3. Batushka - Litourgiya
4. Blut Aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God
5. Caladan Brood - Echoes Of Battle

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Created by Immortus on 09.01.2022

Fave BM Albums

keeping track of my song-by-song ratings on RYM, putting the list here. Not nearly as knowledgeable about BM as with thrash and death metal, so any suggestions, throw them my way please. 1 album per band, as always, and I try to limit this to actual black metal releases, as opposed to releases by bands that were, at one time, black metal. Some bands (Imperial Triumphant, Necrophobic) really do incorporate a lot of both in each album, so I picked albums that had 'more' BM than DM

1. Caladan Brood - Echoes Of Battle
2. Dissection - Storm Of The Light's Bane
3. Svartidauoi - Flesh Cathedral
4. Thorns - Thorns
5. Oranssi Pazuzu - Mestarin Kynsi

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Created by sgtrobo on 26.11.2021

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Not Your Regular Black Metal List

A little list of some great black metal albums by someone who generally doesn't listen to black metal. So there will not be any Mayhem, Bathory, Immortal, Watain, Burzum, Marduk or the likes of them on this list since I'm not interested in that kind of traditional old school black metal.
A maximum of one album per band is allowed and they need to have some sort of black metal labeled to them. Enjoy!

1. Caladan Brood - Echoes of Battle
2. Hail Spirit Noir - Pneuma
3. Hoth - Infinite Darkness
4. Shylmagoghnar - Emergence
5. Agalloch - The Mantle

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Created by Nejde on 12.11.2021

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My Favorite Albums of All Time

Note: Tool intentionally ommitted because they don't consider themselves metal. Otherwise you'd see their first 4 albums in top 25.

1. Opeth - Blackwater Park
2. Agalloch - The Mantle
3. Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane
4. Edge of Sanity - Crimson
5. Moonsorrow - Kivenkantaja

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Created by Qualeen on 30.09.2021

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Best One-and-done Album/bands

Some of the best metal albums ever released have been by bands that only had one full length release.
Currently, list is a work-in-progress.

1. Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris
2. Caladan Brood - Echoes Of Battle
3. Thorns - Thorns
4. Demilich - Nespithe
5. Timeghoul - 1992-1994 Discography

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Created by sgtrobo on 25.08.2021

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AotY, 1970 Through Present

My personal hard rock/heavy metal album of the year that I own.
Truthfully, for several years, I just gave up trying to figure out what was in 2nd place (and sometimes, even in 1st).
Some years have so many options....

1. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
2. Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality
3. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Vol. 4
4. Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
5. Blue Öyster Cult - Secret Treaties

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Created by sgtrobo on 29.07.2021

BEST 2010-2019

1. Epica - The Quantum Enigma
2. Within Temptation - The Unforgiving
3. Caladan Brood - Echoes Of Battle
4. Leah - Kings & Queens
5. Eluveitie - Helvetios

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Created by FELIX42 on 08.03.2021

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Metal Storm Stats

I'm bored very easily, and that's why I decided to do some stats about metal storm's top 20 of each year and the top 200. I don't know why I did that, but if you love stats like I do it might interest you. All of the data I collected is from November the 7th 2020.

1. First off, which bands got the most albums in the top 200:
2. Opeth - With a total of 6 albums in the top 200, they take the first place, which is not very surprising considering they're the second most popular band on the website, second to...
3. Iron Maiden - That's right, Iron Maiden came in second place, with a grand total of 5 albums in the top, all of which were released between 1982 and 1988, which is again not very surprising.
4. Black Sabbath - Tied with Iron Maiden are Black Sabbath, with 5 albums in the top. Again, this one isn't very surprising considering that they are some of the biggest metal legends to ever live.

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Created by doez on 08.11.2020

The Best Metal Albums* From A To # (C)

This list is meant to be an extensive, but by no means exhaustive, collection of the greatest (modern) metal albums and eps. Running the gamut from avant-garde to trve norweigan black metal. *As someone who is young in age, my tastes tend to revolve around the period of the 80s to the present.* Although certain metal albums from before will certainly be featured, the period of the 60s-70s will be under-represented. I refer you to this excellent list to gain a better appreciation for some of the best metal from that period:

1. Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony
2. Cadaveria - In Your Blood
3. Caïna - Mourner
4. Caïnan Dawn - F.O.H.A.T.
5. Cain's Offering - Stormcrow

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Created by Uxküll on 21.10.2020

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MS Meta(l) List Of The 2010's - Top 200

10 years
20 decade lists
749 bands
973 albums

200 top albums from 2010-2019


How are the points calculated?
Simple math.

Ranked top lists:
1st place = 150 pts.
2nd place = 149 pts.
100th place = 51 pts.
150th place = 1 pt.

Alphabetically sorted lists:
Each place = 100 pts.

1. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
2. Esoteric - Paragon Of Dissonance
3. Emptiness - Nothing But The Whole
4. Esoteric - A Pyrrhic Existence
5. Tribulation - The Formulas Of Death

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Created by Starvynth on 24.05.2020

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100 Album Guide To The Decade 2010-19

1. Behemoth - The Satanist
2. Cult of Luna - Vertikal
3. Ghost - Opus Eponymous
4. Deathspell Omega - Paracletus
5. Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR

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Created by Enemy of Reality on 06.05.2020

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Top 50 Metal Albums Of The 2010's

I will most likely look back at this decade as the dark ages of popular music. A time where mainstream music was largely dominated by talentless pop/hip hop music with less memorable songs than the previous decade. However, that doesn't mean that metal music followed the same path. While it was largely dominated by metalcore during the beginning of the decade, I started to grow to love more music in this decade for metal music than I initially did during the beginning of the decade. This was the decade where I became a metalhead, where I became who I am today and started expanding my horizons musically and learn to appreciate a lot of metal music released during this decade and that will be something I will look back at fondly. As the 2010's comes to a close, I decided to make a list of the top 50 metal albums of the decade that I would consider the best. NOTE: this list might change if I discover more music from this decade that I thought are amazing.

1. Trees of Eternity - Hour of the Nightingale
2. Kauan - Sorni Nai
3. Angellore - La Litanie Des Cendres
4. Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées...
5. Woods of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light

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Created by Gothic Metalhead on 17.11.2019

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Top 50 Metal Albums Of 2010's

1. Septicflesh - Codex Omega
2. Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn
3. Amorphis - Queen Of Time
4. Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
5. Moonsorrow - Jumalten Aika

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Created by Anghellic67 on 14.11.2019

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Top 100 (+5) Of 2010-2014

2000-2004 list:
2005-2009 list:
2015-2019 list:

I sure do love this site and it's rating system, it makes finding great music so easy and, even more importantly, when an album is overlooked for a while but starts getting a buzz a few months later, boom, there it appears in the top 20.

1. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
2. Ne Obliviscaris - Portal Of I
3. Septicflesh - The Great Mass
4. Aquilus - Griseus
5. Be'lakor - Of Breath And Bone

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Created by Crys1s on 11.09.2019

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My Favourite Albums of All Time

I've been listening to Metal since 2005 and it has become my biggest passion in life.

Rarely a day goes by where I don't listen to it in one form or another. The bands I listened to in my teens inspired me to pick up the guitar (and later drums) and start making music of my own.

Metal means everything to me and I would be lost without it. So here are the albums that have stood out and made the largest impact on me.

1. Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
2. Metallica - Master Of Puppets
3. Opeth - Blackwater Park
4. Edge Of Sanity - Crimson
5. Opeth - Still Life

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Created by nonZero on 06.10.2018