Dalriada - Biography




Echo Of Dalriada precursor to the band formed at the beginning of January 1998, five-man line-up, two guitars, bass, drums, vocals up, Sopron. The team is more traditional, classic line heavy / power metal band played, which more colorful way even then available of Hungarian Celtic folk and old musical elements as well.

from 1999 until 2001, the band ranks reinforced by a violinist, with whom the band even more moved in the direction of the then new and almost unknown terrain computers folk metal.

the early line-up due to a tragic deaths fell apart, unfortunately, at the time demo recordings of the period have been lost. remaining in the band membership is a long time searching for the right set-up, first arrived Laura in 2001.

vocals and shortly afterwards Tadeusz occupied the seat behind the drums. the inclusion of name in Dalriada, the lineup is complete, and the first serious coverage trigger-sounding material, the Welsh Bards appearance in 2003 occurred at the accession of George Varga. the team works continuously from then on, concerts, discs issue, present in the Hungarian and increasingly in the international arena as well. A lot of concerts, music, and personal contrasts, and other causes köszönhetőleg the period since 2003 took place in several post is up changes, but it's the band's momentum did not break.

In 2006 band changed name to Dalriada

Since 2009, released Gold album recordings play music disc with the song Riad By and a larger concert one of the great folk ensemble also Hungary, the Fajkusz ensemble. the band released in 2011 Promise album of the German Afm Recorded contracted, so the disk around the world Promote and sales were. the band's publications multiple Mahasz- list Replacing the clips audience of the concert attendance and show that our country and around the world serious interest in the Dalriada- kind of epic, ballad, old music, regélős- tells stem Metal. September 2012 saw the introduction of new album Sun God Hava was the sorlemezként seventh.

The band gave several concerts of the material to promote, both at home and abroad, including in the framework of a two-week intensive tour toured Europe, the Arkona and the Darkest Era's company, and Hungary within the Metal.hu tour, shared headlinerként. In 2013 as a full member joined Adam on the band woodwind folk instruments chat, who is more colorful long as guest musicians playing the Dalriada sound. Resting spent the first half of 2013.

Due to the team's Laura maternity leave, and the concerts started again and was held in the band's ten He intended to celebrate the birthday of a huge birthday concert in Budapest. However, the team's momentum is a member change broke slightly: at the beginning of 2014, Ungar Barnabas keyboard player, left after five common years the band vacancy Gergely Szabo took over "Angle", whom the Dalriada finished the new album, the Blessings writing and in early 2015 the studio. The new album release expected in September, but not before July arrives as planned, the Hammer World Magazine as an attachment to a best-of compilation also tales, Dreams, used the title, which in addition to remastered versions of the most important Notaio the band in an acoustic and recorded a guest singer song also ranked get going.