The following sentences will give some information about the band "Echo Of Dalriada". The band was founded in 1998 in Sopron (Hungary), but the final line-up and the active period started in february 2003. The bandname was chosen in this time too. Our style is epic-folk-metal with other musical elements (hungarian folk music, renessaince music). Our line-up is: Laura Binder (vocals, flute), András Ficzek (vocals, guitars), Marcell Fispán (guitar), Gergely Nagy (keyboards), Tadeusz Rieckmann (drums), György Varga (bass). After some concerts in the region in december 2003. the band recorded the first demo "Walesi Bárdok" (The Bards of Wales), which is the cover of the famous ballad of János Arany. The success of this material is shown by the positive reviews and the concert invitations. In the following year (2004.) the band had concerts in cities as Tatabánya, Agárd, Röjtökmuzsaj, Sopronkövesd, Szombathely and multiple times in Sopron and Budapest, at the Volt-festival and in the Petofi Csarnok. We played with bands like Moby Dick, Ossian, Pokolgép, Lord, Beatrice. The "Bards Of Wales" is played in regional radios and Internet radios. Diaksziget.com voted the band in august 2004. for the band of the month. One song is on the compilation of the Usound record company. In november 2004. the band released its first album "Storm", which was produced by the Hammer Music Production company. In december a hungarian TV channel DUNA TV broadcasted an interview with the band.

(Source: http://www.dalriada.hu/rolunk)