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Antropofagus were born in 1998 from an idea of the guitar player Francesco (Meatgrinder). The band immediately started to write shredding and complex brutal death metal, getting lots of props from the underground labels. In 1999 the band shows a good musical maturity, and the first demo CD reached a big success: two songs taken from it have been included on "Neuralcollapse", a brutal compilation with some underground freaky bands as Deeds Of Flesh, Sepsism, among others.

Antropofagus signed a deal with the Italian label Beyond Productions - today known as Masterpiece Distribution - and on December 1999 the band published its first full length album, No Waste Of Flesh, strongly inspired by US masters of brutality such as Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Deeds Of Flesh. No Waste Of Flesh is now considered a "cult album" by the brutal freaks worldwide. Some personal issues and disagreements between band's members affected the band's line up: in 2002 Argento and Void published the mini-CD Alive Is Good… Dead Is Better - trying to realize something more extreme, particularly in drumming and vocals; but there were some problems in the management of the band: the line-up was incomplete, Argento started his activity with Spite Extreme Wing, so the monicker of Antropofagus started laying in a sort of limbo for a lot of time.

In 2010 Antropofagus came back: Meatgrinder decided to contact Argento for spreading again some fresh brutality. Mike (bass) and Max (drums) soon joined the band and in October 2009, the band officially started to write new material. Unfortunately the former member Argento sadly decided to leave the band due to personal reasons: so, at the moment, the guitarist Meatgrinder is the only founder member of Antropofagus; after some researches, the new line-up is completed by the new singer Tya. In 2010 the band's signed a record deal with the American label Comatose Music.

In 2011 to fulfill the expectations of the new album the split CD Torso Trauma with Putridity, Mass Infaction, Prion, Infected Flesh comes out. The band plays also with Deicide, Belphegor, Sinister, Pestilence, Shining and many more. Finally Antropofagus found the perfect line-up with Jacopo (Nerve) and Davide "Brutal Dave" Billia, also drummer of Septycal Gorge and Putridity.

On April 17 2012 Antropofagus unleashed the new full length album Architecture Of Lust, a horrible mental trip inspired by the works of Clive Barker and Benjamin Christensen.

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