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24.06Judas Priest - New Video Online
22.06Nocturnal Rites - Guitarist Nils Norberg Leaves
 Satyricon - Working On A New Album
21.06Opeth - Gigs In Portugal And Spain Are Cancelled
 Suspyre - Seeking Drummer & Keyboardist
 Obituary - Finished With Recording EP
 Disarmonia Mundi - New Album On The Way
 Finntroll - DVD Recording
20.06Misery Index - Album Finished, US Tour And Switzerland Fest Confirmed
 Porcupine Tree - Prepare For Another DVD
19.06Benediction - Back Catalogue To Be Re-released
 Within Temptation - New DVD Details
 Sirenia - Enter The Studio In July
18.06Cattle Decapitation - Start Working On New Album
 Chrome Division - More About The New Album

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Judas Priest - New Video Online

MTV2's Headbanger's Blog issued the following update:

"It's not hard to tell which Nostradamus Quatrain Judas Priest's new video "War" is about. As Jim Morrison sang so long ago: "This is the end/you're only friend/the end." "War" illustrates the apocalypse biblical-style with stunning computer animation that looks like an ass-kicking new video game.

The vid features witches practicing magic then being burned at the stake, a tyrannical ruler exerting fascist control, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse storming through the sky, fire spreading across the earth, winged beasts reigning destruction and lots more imagery that would have make Hieronymus Bosch giddy with delight. Priest are nowhere to be found in the clip neither in actual nor animated form but their operatic new music echoes through the video, creating a thunderous soundtrack for the devastation."


Band profile: Judas Priest
Posted: 24.06.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (20)

Nocturnal Rites - Guitarist Nils Norberg Leaves

Nils Norberg, guitarist of Swedish power metal formation Nocturnal Rites, has left the band. The following message was posted by him on the band's official site:

"Hi everyone!
I just wanna write and explain some stuff for you out there. I have decided to lay down the guitar as my interest for music kind of cooled down the last years. So I'm not a part of Nocturnal Rites any more. It's just because of myself. I decided to do this and it has absolutely not been a bad feeling in the band in any way. I don't know how or if I will go on with music, but I will take a break from the guitar that has been taking up all my waken time the last 20 years. The band will always be a 2nd family for me and I'm not closing the door to play with them again if it would be an opportunity and I would have the urge to play again.


Band profile: Nocturnal Rites
Posted: 22.06.2008 by Agrona | Comments (9)

Satyricon - Working On A New Album

Satyricon have posted the following update:

Hey everyone!
We've now completed the drums and the guitars for the new Satyricon album in Los Angeles! We have a new session beginning Monday, doing vocals, bass and and perhaps some brass too. Third week of July we're doing some keyboard/FX stuff before we go back to L.A to mix the record. These are exciting times as we feel this is a milestone in the making. It won't help keeping expectations down, but we can't help it, it feels so incredibly strong! Dates are being confirmed and offers are coming in constantly as we speak and it looks like we will start touring the world mid November. We'll post a video from the recording of the drums over the weekend and in the meantime we might see some of you at Nummirock and Hellfest. Take care.

Band profile: Satyricon
Posted: 22.06.2008 by abattoir | Comments (20)

Opeth - Gigs In Portugal And Spain Are Cancelled

Opeth have issued the following update about their Iberian gigs:

"Burning Live Festival on the 25th of July is cancelled. Due to the fact that the Portuguese festival got cancelled, Opeth have to cancel Lorca rock as well due to finances. But Opeth will return to Spain in the near future so keep checking the tour dates for updates."

Band profile: Opeth
Event: Lagoa Burning Live Festival [CANCELLED]
Posted: 21.06.2008 by -LugburZ- | Comments (18)

Suspyre - Seeking Drummer & Keyboardist

Suspyre have issued the following update on their official MySpace:

"Suspyre is currently trying out musicians for two new positions, seeking a drummer and a keyboardist to fill the line-up of their band for live performances.

Applicants must possess the following:

1. A demonstrated ability to play with impeccable timing and accuracy. Knowledge of music theory is a plus.
3. Confidence in themselves but also a willingness to be a team player.
4. Proficiency in playing songs with odd time signatures.
5. Residency in the United States (NJ/PA/NY residency is preferred).
6. At least 18 years old.
7. A familiarity with the Suspyre catalog.
8. A flexible work schedule, since should you land the gig you will be asked to do extensive touring with the band and weekend recording sessions.


Band profile: Suspyre
Posted: 21.06.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (2)

Obituary - Finished With Recording EP

The following update was posted on the official website of Obituary on June 16th :

"What a great weekend! We have been working really hard on this new EP and Saturday night we finished it. I am totally psyched about this and can't wait to get it to you. I am not sure about the release date yet, but I'll post it as soon as I know. Once again, Mark Prator and RedRoom Recorders really helped us out to get this done. Markie, you rule...thanks for everything!!! Most of you probably know that we built our own studio for the recording of the Xecutioner's Return CD. We tracked this new EP in our studio and are really happy with the sounds we are getting. Because of our limited, but growing, Pro-Tools HD experience, we lean heavily on Mark for his guidence and help. We then take all those tracks to RedRoom where we put it all together. This process of being able to record right here in our own studio whenever we want has been an unbelievable asset to our writing and recording abilities!


Band profile: Obituary
Posted: 21.06.2008 by abattoir | Comments (3)

Disarmonia Mundi - New Album On The Way

According to the official website, Disarmonia Mundi are working on a new album. The following statement was posted there:

"Just a quick reminder for all of you: we are actually workin' on the new stuff so the year 2008 will finally see the release of a new album!
Some new titles are: Structural Wound, The Shape Of Things To Come, Ties That Bind and The Isolation Game...

Stay tuned for further news, cheerz!"

Band profile: Disarmonia Mundi
Posted: 21.06.2008 by Incinerated | Comments (8)

Finntroll - DVD Recording

According to Finntroll's Myspace, the Finnish folk metal band is going to record a DVD:

"It has been decided! Finntroll are shooting a gig for an upcoming DVD-release. This recording will take place at the Melkweg in Amsterdam September 20th this year.

Everybody drag your asses over there and tear the place apart!"

Band profile: Finntroll
Posted: 21.06.2008 by Incinerated | Comments (9)

Misery Index - Album Finished, US Tour And Switzerland Fest Confirmed

Baltimore's grinders Misery Index posted the following exciting updates on Wednesday June 18:

"Relapse Contamination Tour this July/August - album done and on the way for September 30 release date - Exclusive Euro Show At Switzerland's Mountains Of Death Fest In August

...So while you are sweating away this summer, spending half your paycheck on gas, and find yourself in the trajectory of this US tour, why not come out and see some metal? Yes we are gonna do a summer tour with the Relapse brotherhood, so come on out, and hear some of the new songs from the forthcoming album "Chinese Democra..." no, oops I mean "Traitors"...which by the way, came out pretty smashing, we are in post-production now, more news on that soon. Apologies to those not in the West/Midwest, where most of the dates for the tour are, we will be back in your area as soon as the new album is out and we are touring for it full time...also, just confirmed an exclusive summer Euro headlining show at the Mountains Of Death Fest Switzerland come on out!"


Band profile: Misery Index
Posted: 20.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (2)

Porcupine Tree - Prepare For Another DVD

The band posted the following a week or so ago:

"Porcupine Tree will play 2 shows at 013, Tilburg, the Netherlands, on 15th and 16th October.
The short run of European shows (sorry no US shows this time) during October is in order to shoot a DVD based on the Fear of a Blank Planet album cycle, and the main body of the filming will take place at Tilburg, where the band will play as much different material as possible during the course of the 2 nights. So please come along and help us to make the atmosphere very special and get yourself in the film!

Tickets are on sale from the 7th June from"


Band profile: Porcupine Tree
Posted: 20.06.2008 by Damnated | Comments (6)

Benediction - Back Catalogue To Be Re-released

Birmingham, UK's 'music killing, metal riffing, punk rocking, beer drinking hell-raisers' Benediction have issued the following update:

"Right then, our label Nuclear Blast will be re-releasing our album back catalogue this summer. The better news is that it will be two albums in one package on the three releases: Subconscious Terror / The Grand Leveller, Transcend The Rubicon / The Dreams You Dread, Grind Bastard / Organized Chaos. All three releases will come in nice new packaging. The release date for all the double album releases will be August 8th.

For more information about these releases and where to buy them, click here.

As previously announced, Benediction's seventh brand new long-player Killing Music, will be released August 22nd. As well as the normal single CD release, there will be a limited edition digi CD with two bonus tracks and a 'warts and all' DVD of our time in the studio including footage of Karl from Bolt Thrower and Jock from GBH laying down their stuff on the cover songs on the album, a lot of fun! These extras will only be available on the special edition release."


Band profile: Benediction
Posted: 19.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (3)

Within Temptation - New DVD Details

Dutch metallers Within Temptation have posted the following update:

"Great news! Finally we can announce a bit more on our upcoming DVD! Its title will be Black Symphony, it will be released worldwide on September 22nd. Of course, this DVD will contain the full concert that we did at the Ahoy in Rotterdam last February, with the Metropole Orchestra, a choir and several guest artists. We will announce more details at a later date, but what we can announce is that we're also adding footage from our show in Eindhoven in 2007 and that Black Symphony will be released on double-DVD, double-CD and Blu-Ray disc. Check back later for more news. We will see you soon!"

Band profile: Within Temptation
Posted: 19.06.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (9)

Sirenia - Enter The Studio In July

Norwegian metallers Sirenia have issued the following update:

"These days we are going through the final preparations for our next album. The songs are all finished and recordings will start in July. The album will be recorded in Sound Suite Studios, France and Stargoth Studios, Norway. The mixing and mastering will take place in Antfarm Studios, Denmark with Tue Madsen. We are really excited about this new album and can't wait to share the new songmaterial with all of you. The album will be complete in September, expect release early next year. We will keep you posted."

Band profile: Sirenia
Posted: 19.06.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (9)

Cattle Decapitation - Start Working On New Album

Metal Blade's gore-grinders Cattle Decapitation will now commence writing their next album due in late August 2008. This will be the first recording with new drummer David Mcgraw (ex-Sleep Terror) who joined Cattle Decapitation in Fall of 2007. The studio effort will be produced by Billy Anderson (Melvins), with drums to be engineered by Zach Ohren (Animosity). Meanwhile, artwork will once again be provided by Wes Benscoter (Slayer).

"We're taking a short break from writing our next album to come out and adorn California in Gore!!! A couple notable shows are gonna be our first show in Years at the old Covered Wagon building, now called Annie's Social Club in San Francisco with our buddy Pete Ponitkoff's(singer of Benumb) band Agenda of Swine, our long awaited return to the Boardwalk in Orangevale - we regrettably missed the last show due to Travis being temporarily hospitalized for a panic attack - We Will Make It This Time!, and the big show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA with friends Phobia, Skarp, The Funeral Pyre, Watch Me Burn & many more!!!


Band profile: Cattle Decapitation
Posted: 18.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (9)

Chrome Division - More About The New Album

"Booze, Broads And Beelzebub", the forthcoming sophomore album from Chrome Division, the Norwegian five-piece featuring Dimmu Borgir frontman Shagrath (a.k.a. Stian Thoresen), is scheduled for release in North America on August 19, 2008 and in Europe on July 18, 2008 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The album was recorded at Studio Fredman in Sweden during January 2008 and contains the following cover art and tracks:

01. The Second Coming (Intro)
02. Booze, Broads and Beelzebub Listen]
03. Wine Of Sin
04. Raven Black Cadillac
05. Life Of A Fighter
06. The Devil Walks Proud
07. Hate This Town
08. The Boys From The East
09. Doomsday Riders
10. Lets Hear It
11. Sharp Dressed Man
12. Bad Broad (Good Girl Gone Bad)


Band profile: Chrome Division
Posted: 18.06.2008 by Thryce | Comments (3)

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