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06.03Kivimetsän Druidi - New Song Online
 Bison B.C. - New Album Details
05.03Rosetta - Announce New Album And Split
 Rhapsody Of Fire - Album Title Announced
 Klone - New Album Out Soon
 Forbidden - Sign To Nuclear Blast Records
 Black Sun Aeon - New Album Details
 The Arcane Order - New Video Online
 Lacrimosa - New Double Album In May
 Deftones - New Album Details Revealed
04.03Iron Maiden - Reveal New Album Title, N. American Tour With Dream Theater
 Embryonic Devourment - Two New Songs Online
 SWR Barroselas Metalfest - Full Line-Up Confirmed
 Dark Tranquillity - European Tour With Insomnium, Avatar
 Warrant Issued For Former Warrant Singer

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Kivimetsän Druidi - New Song Online

Kivimetsän Druidi recently finished recording their new album Betrayal, Justice, Revenge, which will be released via Century Media Records in late April 2010. There's currently a new song streaming online coming off said album. The track is entitled "Seawitch and the Sorcerer" and can be heard over at this location. More album details to be found here.


Band profile: Kivimetsän Druidi
Posted: 06.03.2010 by Ellrohir | Comments (0)

Bison B.C. - New Album Details

Vancouver's Bison B.C. is set to release their 3rd album, and 2nd with Metal Blade Records, titled Dark Ages on April 13 and prepare for their upcoming tour with High On Fire, Priestess, and Black Cobra by playing a batch of dates with Shadows Fall and Baptized In Blood including two shows at the infamous SXSW festival. Bison B.C. also has plans set for a notational Canadian tour in June, which will be announced in the coming weeks. A list of tour dates can be found here.

Dark Ages was recorded by Jesse Gander, who also recorded Quiet Earth, at The Hive Creative Labs in Burnaby, British Columbia and was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

Dark Ages cover art] tracklist:


Band profile: Bison B.C.
Posted: 06.03.2010 by Thryce | Comments (4)

Rosetta - Announce New Album And Split

Rosetta has posted the following news on their website:

"Our new full length album, A Determinism Of Morality, is almost finished mastering and should be out sometime around May of this year. It has seven tracks. Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Pelican, Cave In, etc.) engineered it for us, and Mike Wohlberg did the artwork, with photographs contributed by Christina Brown.

Translation Loss is doing the CD as usual, we hear MusicFearSatan is doing the LP."

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Ayil
2. Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin
3. Blue Day For Croatoa
4. Release
5. Revolve
6. Renew
7. A Determinism Of Morality

Metal Storm was a bit late on this, we were probably too busy being metal and all, but teaster kindly pointed it out to us.


Band profile: Rosetta
Posted: 05.03.2010 by Lucas | Comments (4)

Rhapsody Of Fire - Album Title Announced

The mighty Rhapsody Of Fire will be unleashing their 7th studio effort on 30 April worldwide. The opus is called The Frozen Tears Of Angels, and a first song, entitled "Sea Of Fate" is available for streaming here, or for free download here (e-mail required).

The Frozen Tears Of Angels cover artwork will unfold itself by clicking here.

No Rhapsody Of Fire news without a cheesy catchphrase full of epicness official band statement: "Be ready to discover the ancient secret trapped between the frozen lands of the known world!" Oy!

More exciting news will be announced on 21 March. Stay tuned.


Band profile: Rhapsody Of Fire
Posted: 05.03.2010 by Thryce | Comments (32)

Klone - New Album Out Soon

Klone's upcoming album is entitled Black Days. The follow-up to All Seeing Eye will be out on April 19th in France, and on May 17th in the rest of Europe and Australia. The French metallers third record will come with a bonus DVD, whose content will be unveiled later.

Black Days cover art] tracklist:

01. Rite Of Passage
02. Spiral Down
03. Give Up The Rest
04. Hollow Way
05. Immaculate Desire
06. Closed Season (Interlude)
07. The Spell Is Cast
08. Danse Macabre
09. Rain Bird
10. Behold The Silence
11. Army Of Me

All info on the band at


Posted: 05.03.2010 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Forbidden - Sign To Nuclear Blast Records

Official press release

Nuclear Blast proudly announces the signing of legendary Bay Area thrashers Forbidden.

Commented the band: "We are very proud to announce that Forbidden has signed to Nuclear Blast Records. Ultimately, we all knew that there is no better label in the world to handle Metal and bring it to the masses with authority. For the last year, we have been intensely working on our craft while re-examining our past with a perspective we'd never had before. Our vision is clear and we know exactly who and what we are today. Forbidden is in an amazing creative space and we can't wait for everyone to hear it! We began recording on March 1st. We must thank Jaap Wagemaker and everyone else at Nuclear Blast for making their enthusiasm known to us since we've committed to writing this record. Also, there are so many other amazing friends that helped us along the way and we appreciate everything you've done for us to get Forbidden back into a position of strength. If you feel in your bones that you are one of them, then you definitely are! Thank you all so much."


Band profile: Forbidden
Posted: 05.03.2010 by SlaytallicA | Comments (1)

Black Sun Aeon - New Album Details

Black Sun Aeon - the side-project of Toumas Saukkonen of Before The Dawn - has revealed some the details about a new upcoming double album. The effort is entitled Routa and will be released on 1st of April. The album is described as a massive theme album about the cruel but beautiful Finnish winter, included in 2 albums with a total lenght of 80mins.

Routa cover art] tracklist:

CD1: Talviaamu

01. Core Of Winter
02. Frozen
03. Sorrowsong
04. Routa
05. Wreath Of Ice
06. Dead Sun Aeon
07. Cold

CD2: Talviyö

01. Funeral Of World
02. River
03. Frozen Kingdom
04. Wanderer
05. The Beast
06. Silence
07. Apocalyptic Reveries

A teaser of Talviaamu can be found here, a teaser for Talviyö is available here.


Band profile: Black Sun Aeon
Posted: 05.03.2010 by Abattoir | Comments (7)

The Arcane Order - New Video Online

The Arcane Order lead guitarist Flemming C. Lund has posted the following band news:

"The first official The Arcane Order video is finally done! It's been 2 years since the release of our second album In the Wake of Collisions, but we are still very proud of that album and therefore decided to shoot a video for the most epic track on that album - "Eruptions of Red". The video was shot by our very good friend Hans Asmussen with next to no budget, but we are really happy with the result and the fact that we finally have something to share with you guys! Hope you guys will enjoy it as well, while you wait for our 3rd album."


Band profile: The Arcane Order
Posted: 05.03.2010 by BudDa | Comments (0)

Lacrimosa - New Double Album In May

For their 20th anniversary, German Gothic outfit Lacrimosa will release a new double-CD with 17 previously unreleased tracks from their 20-years band history on May 7th. This will also include the first demos from 1990 and brand-new songs, which at present the band is recording in the studio.

Stay tuned for more information about this release.


Band profile: Lacrimosa
Posted: 05.03.2010 by BudDa | Comments (8)

Deftones - New Album Details Revealed

Original news, posted on 17.02.2010

US rockers Deftones have issued the following update on their MySpace blog:

"Deftones is proud to announce the title and release date of the brand new record. Diamond Eyes will be available everywhere on May 18. The first track to be released is called "Rocket Skates", and will be available for free download at next Tuesday, February 23. Head over to Deftones MySpace right now for a sneak preview."

UPDATE (thanks to ArtiA)

Diamond Eyes tracklist:

01. Diamond Eyes
02. Royal
04. You've Seen the Butcher
05. Beauty School
06. Prince
07. Rocket Skates
08. Sextape
09. Risk
10. 976-EVIL
11. This Place Is Death


Band profile: Deftones
Posted: 05.03.2010 by White Winter Sun | Comments (18)

Iron Maiden - Reveal New Album Title, N. American Tour With Dream Theater

Screaming orgasm time for the North American metalheads, ladies and gents.

Iron Maiden are pleased to announce that their forthcoming new studio album will be called The Final Frontier, and is expected be released late summer of this year.

The announcement comes with news of a North American Tour with very special guests Dream Theater to open in Dallas, Texas, on 9th June and finish in Washington D.C. on 20th July, making it Maiden's most extensive North American tour in many years. Also Coheed & Cambria are rumored to be on this tour - Ed.]

Following these shows in USA and Canada The Final Frontier World Tour will travel back to Europe for a few selected major festival and stadium shows with the band planning to continue to many other countries in 2011 (full currently confirmed dates below).


Band profile: Iron Maiden
Event: Iron Maiden: The Final Frontier 2010 N. American Tour
Posted: 04.03.2010 by Thryce | Comments (55)

Embryonic Devourment - Two New Songs Online

US grinders Embryonic Devourment have posted two new songs on MySpace. The tracks "Militarized Reptoids" and "Darken Thy Fluids" come off Embryonic Devourment's new album Vivid Enterpretations Of The Void.

Vivid Enterpretations Of The Void tracklist:

01. Militarized Reptoids
02. Gravitational Oblivion
03. Vivid Enterpretations Of The Void
04. We Are Chitauri
05. Eye Of The Horomatangi
06. Cleansing The Infinite
07. Darkened Fluids
08. Perception Of The Multidimensional


Band profile: Embryonic Devourment
Posted: 04.03.2010 by ArtiA | Comments (0)

SWR Barroselas Metalfest - Full Line-Up Confirmed

SWR Inc. proudly presents the ultimate weapons for the upcoming attack of SWR Barroselas Metalfest, set to take place from April 30 to May 2 in Barroselas, the north of Portugal.

Three generations of metal headline the event... Kreator, Immolation and Dying Fetus are the major highlights for this year. Tom G. Warrior's brand new band Triptykon, northern thrashers Aura Noir and Swedish death squad Vomitory are also among the main attractions.

13 candles burning high... If you are going to the metal village of Barroselas, be sure to wear some bullets in your belt!

3-days tickets : at the box 70 | pre-sale 60 (with free t-shirt)
Daily tickets : 35 | 38 | 35
More ticket info here.


Event: SWR Barroselas Metalfest XIII
Posted: 04.03.2010 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Dark Tranquillity - European Tour With Insomnium, Avatar

Original news, posted on 23.02.2010

Dark Tranquillity will embark on the second European part of the Where Death Is Most Alive Tour in Autumn. Support will come from Insomnium.

The dates are as follows:

Sep. 23 - Hamburg, Gruenspan, Germany
Sep. 24 - Leipzig, Conne Island, Germany
Sep. 25 - Munster, Sputnikhalle, Germany
Sep. 26 - Köln, Essigfabrik, Germany
Sep. 27 - Tilburg, 013, Netherlands
Sep. 28 - London, Underworld, UK
Sep. 29 - Vosselaar, Biebob, Belgium
Sep. 30 - Paris, Trabendo, France
Oct. 01 - Montpellier, Salle Victoire 2, France
Oct. 02 - Bilbao, Rockstar, Spain
Oct. 03 - Porto, Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Portugal
Oct. 04 - Lissabon, Incrível Almadense, Portugal


Band profile: Dark Tranquillity
Event: Dark Tranquillity: Where Death Is Most Alive Part II 2010
Posted: 04.03.2010 by Thryce | Comments (35)

Warrant Issued For Former Warrant Singer

Here's your portion of celebrity gossip of the week. Celebrity "news" zine Thirty Mile Zone has reported that a warrant was issued for former Warrant singer Jani Lane. Oh, the irony.

The warrent was issued last week, after Jani Lane failed to show up to two court appearances connected to his 2009 DUI conviction. TMZ reports: "We're told Lane was scheduled to appear in court on February 23 to show the judge he's completed his alcohol classes and community service - but he never showed. The court date was rescheduled for February 24... but Lane missed that one too.

We spoke to Lane's lawyer, who says the singer has been in the hospital and won't be able to make it to court until next week. As for why he's in the hospital ... no word."


Band profile: Warrant
Posted: 04.03.2010 by Thryce | Comments (5)

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