Lucid Dreaming - The Chronicles Pt. III review


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Band: Lucid Dreaming
Album: The Chronicles Pt. III
Release date: November 2020

01. Introduction
02. Open Wide The Gate
03. Born From The River
04. The Free Commots
05. Life Is A Forge
06. From Thread To Pattern
07. Dreams Come Alive
08. All Or Nothing
09. The Mirror

To be or not to be? No need for that question here. This should never have been in the first place...

Did you know that (pre-cut) cardboard boxes were invented in 1890? And who would have thought back then that they would also be used as a drumkit on a metal album? Actually no, scratch that, I'm pretty sure cardboard would have more punch to it than the drums on this record.

If you haven't guessed by now, I've got a few issues with the production of this album. It's a muddled mess and the drums are not the only problem. Guitars are as lifeless as Jeffrey Epstein, vocals are all over the place; and that place is rarely the right one. And, before I go further with the review, I can't point out enough that the production is the biggest failure out of all the things I'm going to mention. Like Adam Sandler sucks out all the comedy out of a film, so does the production suck all the energy (what little there is) out of the The Chronicles Pt. III. Simply put, on production alone this album is already doomed from the start.

Musically, this ranges from bad to derivative. Take the song "Open Wide The Gate" for example. If you heard the acoustic intro and thought to yourself: "Hang on a minute, I know that from somewhere", I wouldn't be surprised. It's "At Doom's Gate" played at 50% speed. Yes, that song from the opening level of DOOM. A song which already took inspiration from many other metal songs.

Now, on to the lyrics. Well, they exist... I think... Sometimes I was not entirely sure if they were actually singing existing words. I'm talking about vocal deliveries that sound like mumbling at times. The kind of mumbling you hear from a drunk guy who talks to himself on a public transport ride. And, like I said, the other vocals aren't much better. Occasionally there is some solid work, with the female vocals being the most obvious one. But some of the rest is just bafflingly bad at times. And if you are wondering about the rest of the lyrics other than the ones that get mumbled; those are of the predictable and often cheesy type. "Life Is A Forge" is easy to immediately point out as an example. The title itself should already be a clear indication of that.

There are moments where they try to deliver a catchy chorus. I say 'try', because again this is at its best predictable and derivative, while at its worst it's as painful as falling face-flat on a piece of concrete and scraping over it for a couple of meters.

The best thing about this record is the cover art. It was done by Felipe Machado Franco. He did artwork for bands like: Blind Guardian, Lords Of Black, Power Quest, Innerwish and the list goes on. A shame that a nice piece of artwork of his has been used for this frankly terrible album.

Honestly, I thought Six Feet Under's record this year would easily be the worst I've heard but I guess I was wrong. So, who is this album for? Well, if there is someone you really hate, give them this record as a present. That should be a clear message of what you think about them.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 3
Songwriting: 3
Originality: 2
Production: 2


Written on 28.11.2020 by You know I'm right, you just haven't realised it yet...

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03.12.2020 - 12:19
At best deranged
Written by Ball Fondlers on 03.12.2020 at 10:35

Very nice review

I listened to the 3rd song as it was the top one on youtube. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but still bad. The mixing around the vocals is so weird, if it wasn't for that it could almost be bearable.
And I'd still rather listen to this guy than Tobias Sammet


I'm not the biggest fan of Tobias' vocals either. But for me they range from bearable to ok (the production of his albums is usually pretty solid, which helps a lot).

This though... is just a disaster imo. I'm still not sure whether this album was supposed to be a joke or not.

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