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A little list of albums that have been kicking my ass as of late. Some albums on this list may appear to be "odd" choices, but "crushing" in this context does not necessarily mean heavy. It could be referring to the emotional intensity of the release or the literal heavy pounding sound. Hope you enjoy.

Note (1): More to be added as I see fit.
Note (2): These albums are in no specific order, I have just been adding them as I see fit.

Created by: Chobo_jokeR | 03.02.2012

1. Esoteric - The Pernicious Enigma
I just recently started indulging in Esoteric...this has to be their most disturbing release. The sound clip of Al Pacino saying "What Life? I got no life! I'm in the dark here", truly depicts the boiling anger of the release. Hate, rage, dissonance, misanthropy are all present in this release. Clocking in at 2 hours...this is one album that will beat your will within an inch of it's life. Total emotional destruction.
2. Ahab - The Divinity Of Oceans
This album is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. The waves come crashing down, and the question is ... "Will you still be on the raft?" after they've come and gone. I absolutely adore this effort from Ahab. It is melancholic to the point of being down right depressing. The uplifting moments are washed away by the sound of despair; leaving the listener with little hope of survival. Perfection.
3. Agalloch - The Mantle
This is that "odd" choice I was speaking of in the introduction. This is not a "heavy" listen, or necessarily a "difficult" listen on the surface, however when you dig deeper into The shows it's true colours. The instrumentals are the songs that I find the most emotionally disturbing. The sound clip of walking in the snow, alone, gives the image of a tomorrow without hope. If you've seen "The Road" or read the book...that is exactly what I imagine when listening to certain tracks on this release. This is a masterpiece through and through. Even the length of the songs make it seem hopeless at times. My favourite album of all time, without question.
4. Warning - Watching From A Distance
Emotional warfare are the two words I would use to describe this effort from Warning. Pat Walker evokes a sense sorrow and curiosity for his listener. Sorrow that something has gone wrong in a critical relationship with a key person in his life...and curiosity as to what actually happened? Another album that destroys on the emotional level, while being a rather light listen. Certainly not a release for the already severely emotionally disturbed.
5. Ulcerate - The Destroyers Of All
I feel like the name is a perfect description of the content. The sonics will beat you to metaphorical death. It seems unrelenting at times, and then when it lets up for a brief second for you to catch your comes crashing down yet again. Fantastic album.
6. Wolves In The Throne Room - Black Cascade
Arguably their weakest album as far as overall quality, but also contends to be their darkest release, I'd say this or Diadem of 12 Stars. Once this album takes off...buckle up, because you're in for quite the ride. The Weaver brothers will smash your head for nearly 50 minutes. Tremelo picked guitars, relentless drums (with some awesome fills), and their serene sound. Not my favourite release from them, but one that I deeply appreciate. It'll kick you in the nuts, but it's an enjoyable boot to the junk.
7. Colosseum - Chapter 3: Parasomnia
Depressing? Suffocating? Abyss. This is the final chapter from Colosseum, with the passing of their frontman they have ceased to exist. Dilapidation and Death...what a title for the opening track. Questioning Existence...and then Passage to Eternity. I'm not sure if these track titles were chosen before his passing, or if the other band members chose them after the fact, but wow. Do they ever paint a bleak picture. Two thumbs up to this album, it'll continue to pound on my soul for months to come.
8. Process Of Guilt - Erosion
"And still the pain is always the same". This is repeated several times throughout the opening track. Sorrow. I feel the vocalist's sorrow. This is a truly awesome album. It's slow, heavy, and determined. Determined to evoke emotion out of it's listener. Guaranteed you'll show some.
9. Mitochondrion - Parasignosis
As Clint Eastwood would say... "If I have to come back's going to get fuckin' ugly". Well Mitochondrion are back...and it's fuckin' ugly. The atmosphere is palpable. If you can't feel it, you're immune to it. This is no walk in the park, it's 56 minutes of aural assault. Throw those headphones on and prepare to be metaphorically pounded into the pavement. Eagerly await their new release.
10. Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs
Another head scratcher? Perhaps at an initial glance. Another album that is thick with atmosphere...and emotion. Certain songs will definitely isolate you from your current existence. 22:22 - Nihil is a very simple instrumental, but it is powerful. Don't underestimate the simplistic nature of the song. It has changed my mood from one of happiness to one of sorrow and regret. My heart is a tomb...another moving song. Not nearly as heavy as some of the other albums on this list, but like Agalloch and Warning, it appeals to your more sensitive side, if you have one (you have just don't want to let others know you do).
11. Swallow The Sun - The Morning Never Came
I love this album. From the opening note of "Through Her Silvery Body" I knew I was in for something special. This is about as melancholic as an album can get without it turning to suicidal. Even the guitars plod along, sad and disappointed. The drums follow suit and slowly pound their way through 57 minutes of despondency. What is truly crushing about this release is that Swallow The Sun haven't made another album quite like this one. I live in Canada, so we got snow (well usually we do, -40 celsius back in middle of January) and this album is perfect for when you're walking to class or just out and about in the cold. Its atmosphere is icy and one filled with despair. If you don't have the cold...then turn off the lights, put your headphones on, and cry yourself to sleep.
12. Longing For Dawn - Between Elation and Despair
(1) Do you feel like a bag of smashed assholes? ... No? (2) Do you like feeling like a bag of smashed assholes? ... Yes? (3) Do you have masochistic tendencies? ... Yes? Well then this is a match made in heaven for you! This album crawls along for 53 minutes ever so slowly. The sluggish songs build to a climax eloquently and give the listener something to ponder as he/she experiences the greatness of their music. This was their last offering before their indefinite hiatus, so relish the atmosphere and cherish the time spent on the journey that ensues upon pressing play.
13. Corrupted - El Mundo Frio
I took Innerself's recommendation of this album and gave it a listen. 72 fuckin' song. The sheer length of this song is a testament to patience, but it is thoroughly enjoyable. It has the key ingredients to make it one hell of a crushing adventure. Long...check. Distorted guitars...check. Bleak atmosphere...check. Angry howls (20 minutes to get to any form of vocals - holy shit)...check. The slow passages with the harp are eerie and frightening. Spectacular.
14. Shining - IV - The Eerie Cold
Shining are notorious for using sound samples in their songs, and the ones they choose are especially creepy since they focus on suicide. This album is brutally chilling. Even if you don't speak the language, you are able to feel the raw emotion from Kvarforth. Self-loathing and self-destruction are the topics of the day when it comes to Shining, making for an all out emotional assault. The guitars rip, the drums blast and bass pounds, all the while Kvarforth is serenading (ha yeah right) the listener with ghoulish howls. Eerie is an understatement.
15. Mournful Congregation - The June Frost
I have been deliberating over which MC album to include in the list, and The June Frost was the one left standing. This effort is a sonic-tsunami. The title track is one of my favourite instrumentals, ever. The guitars are masterfully harmonized and create a perfect wall of sound. It also serves as an intermission between the beginning and ending halves of the album, which offer soul pounding doom. This is an album that should not be missed, and is perfect for those nights alone, when you want to be consumed in doom.
16. Skepticism - Farmakon
Close your eyes. Imagine you are no longer with us. You are looking down at yourself in your casket. Queue in Farmakon. This album is utterly chilling. They don't call it "Funeral Doom" for nothing. This actually could pass as funeral music. The drums sound ... hollow, which adds to the eeriness of each track. The guitars add layers to the sound, adding to the complexity. I honestly cannot get enough of this album. It scares me, but intrigues me at the same time. Eagerly await another album from Skepticism.
17. Shape Of Despair - Shades Of...
This is what I would call a "mystical crushing". The music is extreme and powerful, but yet the keyboards and female choir chants add this ethereal aspect to the sound. Shape of Despair take you on a celestial journey, through the heavens, but the appealing part can come crashing down at any moment. Not your typical funeral doom, but I like it.
18. Ophis - Withered Shades
This album left me emotionally distraught. It battered on my soul for an hour. It's gut-wrenching heavy, but at the same time relatively easy to listen to (maybe I've just adapted to this sort of sound). It is an extremely angry album, that yearns for the destruction of mankind (i.e. Earth Expired). The pains man suffers is a good thing and our ultimate demise can't come soon enough...disturbing material.
19. 40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room
Pat Walker is back with a new band of not-so-merry men, albeit they are more merry than Warning. The Inside Room is gloomy, but there are glimmers of hope throughout the album. This is another emotional ride, but not nearly as draining as Watching From A Distance. WFAD pulls on your heart strings and brings you to your breaking point. TIR, on the other hand, allows the listener to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Pat's voice isn't filled with sorrow, but what I'd call "doubtful hope". Carry Me Home is my favourite song off the album, and it is an emotional masterpiece. Top notch tune and a top notch album.
20. Mourning Beloveth - Dust
Don't have the time to listen to a 70 minute doom masterpiece? Need some "Doom-To-Go"? Well, this album is perfect for your needs. Mourning Beloveth accomplish so much in 44 minutes that its absolutely mind-blowing. Clean vocals - Death vocals. Slow guitar riff - Crisp solos. Crushed in under 45 minutes.
21. Black Wreath - A Pyre Of Lost Dreams
This is what music should sound like ladies and gentleman. Do you ever just listen to the first few seconds of an album...and know its going to be a masterpiece? Once "The Black Holes Of Your Mind" got going, I knew I was going to enjoy this offering. From the cover art (simple, yet depicts the somber mood perfectly), to the song structure (long), to the sound (melancholic), this album is crushing through and through. Fantastic, and will continue to receive constant plays.
22. Gojira - From Mars To Sirius
Progressive Thrash Death Metal / Progressive Thrash Death Whale-Saving Hippie Metal. Whatever you want to call these all comes down to the fact that they are heavy as fuck, and are awesome as hell. A testament to their heaviness? I No longer have a working speaker on the right side of my car from blasting Where Dragons Dwell. This album will crush you. Fact.
23. Totalselfhatred - Apocalypse In Your Heart
In the same vein as Shining...depressive and suicidal. Need I say more? No...but I will anyway. This is not for everyone, due to the content. The music is undeniably good (nifty raw production) and the atmosphere really sets it apart from other albums in this same genre. The vocals alone bring you to your knees. Welcome to the apocalypse, admission fee is your soul.
24. Ixion - To The Void
If the composer of music for the movie Alien was a fan of doom metal, this is what the soundtrack would have sounded like. When listening to 'To The Void', no one can hear you scream. Ixion offers so much with this album. The songs are around 5minutes each, which is a nice switch from the 10-15+ that usually accompany a release such as this. They keep the album moving, but this does NOT take away from the atmosphere. The keyboards add a really nice touch to the sound. The vocals are exquisite (douche bag term, I know). Check it out.
25. Shattered Hope - Absence
The band name and album title are indication enough of how crushing this album is. The music never becomes stale. It is quite the dynamic release. Moments of peace...chaos...solitude...and finally some soul pounding doom. Magnificent doesn't even come close to describing how good the music is. The guitars carry enough melody that it is an accessible album, but not so much that it's cheesy for fans of death doom. Slow tasty riffing accompanied with some proficient drumming. My words don't even do Absence justice.
26. Cannibal Corpse - Torture
I am not a fan of Cannibal Corpse in the slightest, but I listened to this album yesterday and it knocked my fuckin' block off. I don't plan on delving deeper into their discography, but I felt that this album deserved a mention. Blistering fast guitars and bass, pounding drums, accompanied by the ungodly vocals, make this album quite the roller-coaster ride. Surprisingly, not that difficult of a listen either. Plus there are bass solos on this album...awesome.
27. Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction
Traditional doom holds a special place in my heart. This is a quintessential example of traditional doom. I did not hear their demo, so I went into this album with a totally open mind, because all I had heard was "they play traditional doom". This album knocked my socks off and then some. I love everything about it. The sound is exactly what you would expect out of a traditional doom band. The emotions shown by the vocalist are not as potent as Pat Walker's, but the vocals are still extremely powerful. The album is also diverse, so it is constantly changing the soundscape.
28. Worship - Dooom
I am extremely frustrated with myself, and extremely happy with myself at the very same time. I am frustrated, because I have just recently found this utter masterpiece. I am happy with myself, because I have just recently found this utter masterpiece. This album is absolute perfection. As far as I'm concerned, Funeral Doom does not get much better than this (Esoteric and Ahab are my exceptions). This album is pandora's box of doom. Once you open it up, you're in for a whirlwind of sorrow and depression. For me, the guitars are what distinguish this album. They bleed melancholy and establish the album as one massive emotional wrecking ball. The vocals of Doommonger are a total powerhouse. Doom on brothers \m/.
29. Evoken - Quietus
Given the strength of Evoken's discography, it is extremely difficult to pick just one album. All are crushing, destructive, and monolithic. I settled on Quietus, because I feel that it is the most consistent of the albums. There is not much sense discussing their music, because if you know know their sound. Utterly devastating stuff. For those that don't know Evoken, imagine you're making a stew or casserole. Evoken has a healthy scoop of death, a dash of funeral and a heaping scoop of doom. I'd recommend their entire discography.
30. Earth - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull
Hold the phone. This album? Crushing? What the heck? This album is actually quite tranquil and peaceful, but I connected to it on an emotional level. The songs are just beautiful and everything is slowed down to a snail-like pace. The pace and the emotional vibe I get from this album are what I found to be crushing. Regardless, it's quite the piece of art
31. Officium Triste - Reason
Textbook Death Doom. That isn't a bad thing at all. This is a hell of an album. If you have trouble crossing into doom, this would be a nice starter album. It's short and to the point, but packs in all the elements of an excellent album into the allotted time. There is also a thick atmosphere to it, which is always brownie points in my book.
32. Loss (USA) - Despond
In a year that had 3 powerhouse extreme doom releases (Esoteric, Mournful Congregation and Colosseum), this album may have been tossed to the wayside. If I were to compare this album to one of the aforementioned trio, I would say that Loss is Mournful Congregation's immature little brother. This is a good album in its own rite, but when it faces off against the other 3...doesn't really stand a chance. This is some solid funeral / death doom for a fan of the genre. Nothing new, but nothing wrong with it either. I would dare to say that their next release will be even better.
33. Empyrium - Songs Of Moors And Misty Fields
This album is the complete package. The full meal deal. The grand daddy of 'em all. The big kahuna. Ok, you get it. This album has damn near every instrument (minus the skin flute), it has varying vocals (that in my opinion are the best part of the album), and has a fantastic melancholic atmosphere (Ode To Melancholy ... HELLO!?). Absolutely crushing album on the emotional level. I wish I had 4 hands so I could give this album 4 thumbs up.
34. Saturnus - Veronika Decides To Die
Do I even need to tell you how awesome this album is? No, I don't. Do I need to tell you how crushing this album is? Well, maybe. The somber atmosphere is built upon the vocals and the melody of the guitar and bass. You know that movie...the one you're ashamed to admit that you get teary eyed when you watch it? (...cough...Man On Fire...cough...), well this is the album equivalent. Stellar performance and blend of gothic and doom.
35. Profetus - ...To Open The Passages In Dusk
LemonsPrettyGood commented that this album is "classy" on the album page. I'd say that hits the nail right on the head. Other words I'd use to describe it are, elegant, eloquent and ethereal (alliteration to boot - booyah). But in all seriousness, this album is great. It has the Skepticism vibe to it, but the sound is ... cleaner? Solid release that deserves some attention.
36. Doom:VS - Aeternum Vale
Absolutely beautiful album. A gorgeous blend of gothic and funeral. It isn't stale sounding either, that only has one sound to it. It's quite the diverse piece of music. A strong emotional performance that deserves appropriate recognition.
37. High On Fire - Blessed Black Wings
You remember that wonderful movie "Team America: World Police"? And the theme song? America, Fuck Yeah? Well I feel that something similar should be done for High On Fire. "High On Fire: Sludge Sensations". High On Fire, Fuck Yeah! Matt Pike, Fuck Yeah! Tasty riffs, Fuck Yeah! Blistering bass, Fuck Yeah! Delicious drumming, Fuck Yeah! I took a huge dive into their discography the other day, I'm still covered in sludge. Awesome stuff.
38. Funeralium - Funeralium
I don't know if I can say it any better than Collin did in his review of this album. But, here it goes. The only way to describe this album is total destruction. It is vile and putrid, and seeks to destroy life. If Shining played Funeral Doom, this is precisely what it would sound like. The ghoulish wails are absolutely harrowing. The length of the album weighs heavy on the soul too. It seems utterly relentless. Disturbing, but breathtaking. Another one for the aural-masochists.
39. Arcana Coelestia - Le mirage de l'idéal
I'd refer to this album as being Beauty and the Beast. The beauty of the melancholic riffs and piano sequences. The beast of the heavy doom sequences and powerful growls. At times it is quaint. Others it is brooding. And others it is ferocious. A nice blend of various styles to create an emotional piece of art.
40. Disembowelment - Transcendence Into The Peripheral
Can't really have a "crushing" or "not for the faint of heart" list without having this torturous piece of hellish heaven. A masterful mix of death and doom to produce an extremely mature product...considering it was their debut and only album. This album is a complete package. Diverse and dynamic in nature. Quite the accomplished feat. Guess we can only hope Inverloch manages to manufacture some equally sick and vile tunes.
41. Thergothon - Stream From The Heavens
They must put doom supplements or chemicals in the water in Finland, because it is a country that pumps out quality doom bands. This album, quite similar to something you'd see from Skepticism (probably because these two bands were creating music at the exact same time), is an innovative and genre defining effort. Another "one and done" band (like Disembowelment), but it left an imprint on many individuals, who would later form bands of their own. This is an essential album for those looking to understand what Funeral Doom is all about. It's accessible, but still crushing.
42. Oranssi Pazuzu - Muukalainen Puhuu
Now this certainly won't be for everyone. I like a little flavour with my music...and what does Oranssi Pazuzu bring to the table? They spice up the traditional black metal sound with some psychedelics and an outer space style theme. This is different, but it is excellent. Tired of stale ass blast beats and the same riff over and over again? Want to feel like you're on a different planet? Plug into this album and join the Star Fleet Academy of Hallucinogenics.
43. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
No this isn't their most crushing album. No this isn't the first time they've mixed their version of black with progressive (far from it actually). Yes this album is fantastic and is a borderline masterpiece. Enslaved deliver a performance for the ages. There is still aggression to their sound, but it is infused with many elements that distinguish this album from the rest of their discography. Enslaved have found the ideal mixture, and have provided us with a sonic journey that will floor the listener from the very first note until the end.
44. Death - Symbolic
Cliché to put this album in a list? Perhaps. But frankly, I don't give a fuck. This album is symbolic (and Symbolic) of how much Chuck matured as a musician from Scream Bloody Gore until this album. The raw emotion the listener feels when Chuck belts out the's chilling. Everything about Symbolic is amazing. The riffs, the solos, and the tactful drumming (Hoglan is an absolute beast). Get crushed or get fucked.
45. Hate Eternal - Phoenix Amongst The Ashes
Welcome to hell. This is a wrecking ball of a performance. Feral, ferocious and frightening. If you're not a fan of the "PLAY EVERYTHING TO MAXIMUM CAPACITY!!!" type style, this may not be for you. Destructive and devastating aren't even good enough adjectives to describe the performance. The drumming is top notch and there are some very interesting riffs.
46. Fleshgod Apocalypse - Agony
Shall we call this The Beauty And The Beast Part Deux? Normally not a big fan of the symphonic sound...but holy shit is this catchy. The symphonic sections, the clean vocals and the crisp clean solos make up the beauty portion...the devilish growls, the unrelenting drums and ripping guitars are the beasts. Didn't enjoy this on an initial listen, but gave it a few more tries and was pleasantly surprised. You will be in agony after making it through the entirety of Agony.
47. Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
Fuzzy wuzzy was the guitar. Dopethrone really sets the bar. Not many other stoner releases are on par. This makes you feel like you are stuck in a tub of molasses or tar. This will be sure to crush you, or at the very least give you a jar. (Respect the AAAAA rhyme scheme).
48. Benighted - Icon
Welcome to the insane asylum...this is your new warden speaking. This is "Arkham" asylum and I am The Joker. Welcome to a psychotic ride to Hades and back. I hope you brought your crazy pills, because you're going to need to take the L.D. 50 to make it through this journey. Hectic, but groovy. Icon punishes.
49. Mastodon - Leviathan
Remission was heavy. Blood Mountain was proggy. Leviathan fits right between these two releases as being heavy AND proggy. Blood and Thunder sets the tone for the album, and Hearts Alive wraps it up perfectly. Everything between these two tracks is top notch, creative and awesome. May not be Ahab, but it's still a cool sea adventure.
50. Gorod - A Perfect Absolution
Prior to listening to this magnificent album tech-death was dead to me. I had lost all interest in the genre, and pretty much death metal in general. You know you listen to something special when it sparks or reignites your interest in an entire genre of music. A Perfect Absolution is a brutal piece of beautiful music. It's beauty and diversity outshines the "wankery" as some would call it. I never get bored with this album, it constantly keeps me guessing. Enjoy a masterful crushing creation.
51. Pitbulls In The Nursery - Lunatic
You have to be a Lunatic to even think of letting pitbulls loose in a nursery. However, I think this would be a fitting soundtrack to such a gruesome event. This album offers plenty of variation in sounds and tempos. One second it can be ripping your limbs off your body and beating you over the head with them, and the next it can be patting you on the head telling you it's all going to be ok. Unleash your inner lunatic (but please don't unleash pitbulls in a nursery).
52. Deathspell Omega - Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice
Don't like satanic content? Well best leave these guys out of your listening catalogue. If you get a the lyrics. They're interesting, and intelligent. It's quite impressive...the lyrics alone aren't for the faint of heart. On to the music's black with some flavour. What I'll call black+, because it isn't your generic sound. The opera / choir sections are absolutely chilling and add a whole other dimension to the music, when used. If you indulge in SMRC, you're in for the long's a long, unrelenting album. It may take awhile to digest, but it is indeed brilliant.
53. Ataraxie - Slow Transcending Agony
Oh goodie! More ghoulish wails à la Funeralium (technically this album came out first, but it's second on this list - and they're from the same fella too), but this time the wails are accompanied by death doom instead of funeral. This album is a torturous delight. The guitars set the melancholic mood, and the bass amplifies the sadness and sorrow. The drums plod along supporting the guitar and bass, but from time to time the drummer will unleash a furious blast of fanatical drumming. This is a fantastic piece of music that should be appreciated by all of those who enjoy doom.
54. Estatic Fear - A Sombre Dance
Well folks, this is the first mini-review I've written in a VERY very long time. Many apologies for my hiatus, but I just haven't had the urge to continue to update my list (which is sad). However! Enough with the boo hoos and get down to the music...where there are tons of boo hoos. Estatic Fear could write a manifesto on how to establish atmosphere and melancholy. As a general rule of thumb...I don't normally enjoy female vocals in my music, especially on a regular basis throughout an album. I don't know what it is, I just don't enjoy them. This is not the case with Estatic Fear though. I think it may just be because the music is so beautiful and masterfully crafted that it all blends together so well. There is a wide array of instruments to be heard on the record, all working to achieve the ultimate goal...A Sombre Dance (corny I know - go me!). But in all serious, this is an emotional album and expertly moulded. Had to re-visit it, so I could write this! Glad to be back, enjoy.
55. Faal - The Clouds Are Burning
I listened to this album based on BitterCOld's staff pick. I generally enjoy a large amount of the music that he does, so I thought I'd give it a spin. First off, I'll say good pick Bitter. This a doozy of an album. I love it when bands mix black and doom together, and mix it together well. Everything is top notch with this album. The vocals are definitely notable. The atmosphere is well established and carries throughout the entire album. The songs are long, but never drag. I love the tone of the guitars and the way the drums and bass support them throughout the album. It's just an all around devastating performance. By the end of the album, your ears will be burning (with utter joy, errr...sorrow). Highlight of 2012.
56. Novembre - Novembrine Waltz
Now I may be entirely in left field on this one, but I just had an epiphany while listening to this album. If Neige (Alcest, etc.) played Death Doom, this is what it would sound like. That's just my opinion though. There is a beautiful serenity at times within the songs, and then the switch will flip and there is angry fits of rage. The acoustic portions are tranquil, but as soon as the harsh vocals kick in the tranquillity goes out the window. This a spectacular album with many different moods and vibes to offer its listener. You can't go wrong with some melodic death doom every now and then, but it never reaches the point of being corny (at least not for me). Not the heaviest, but a crushing little diddy none the less.
57. Blood Red Throne - Blood Red Throne
This was my very first encounter with Blood Red Throne, and still is the only album I've heard from them, but believe me I'll be checking out additional albums. I like my death metal with a little bit of groove to it. Don't get me wrong I love the vintage sound to death metal (i.e. the next album on the list), but when there are some groovy riffs I'm happy as can be. This isn't innovative, however, it isn't stale either. I think fans of Benighted would appreciate this album. It's quick, precise and to the point. 40 minutes of your time. 40 minutes of delightful aural punishment.
58. Immolation - Close To A World Below
These gentlemen need no introduction (or at least they shouldn't, they've been around for nearly three decades). It is reasonable to say they never gained "mainstream" appeal, but that is probably do to the fact they never compromised their sound. The music isn't catchy, but it is undeniably amazing. The precision this band plays with is mindblowing. There is no wankery here, just unadulterated devastating death metal. The solos are spectacular, the rhythmic riffs weigh heavy on the heart, and the drumming is out of this world. Ross's vocals have remained the same over the course of Immolation's existence, which is a good thing in this case, because they are very fitting. The overall feeling of this album is fuck religion, but that is their general lyrical content and you get this vibe not only from the lyrics, but just how the music sounds. Turn it up and experience excellence.
59. Imperium Dekadenz - Meadows Of Nostalgia
Oh German black metal how I love thee. It seems every band I listen to just catches my ear and has something about them that I appreciate / enjoy / love. I listened to this album and Procella Vadens non-stop at work for a week, and it was a bastard trying to determine which I wanted to include in my list. I went with this album purely because there is one passage that just sends shivers down my spine. It's right near the beginning of Aura Silvae. You can hear the windows blowing, the guitar line comes in for 10 or so seconds and then there is a roll across the drum kit and all of sudden all hell breaks loose. I remember the first time I heard it, my jaw dropped, because I just found it so interesting. Anyways! To summarize, since I focussed in so heavily on just one part of a song - the atmosphere is excellent, plenty of other sound clips to accompany the music, the performance from the band is stellar - top notch! I found it to be emotionally powerful even though I couldn't understand the words. The music did all the talking.
60. Abyssal - Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius
I'll start this mini-review off with "You best buckle up for this one". From the very first track, the mood of desolation is set. Forebode is the perfect title for the first track and the sounds on that track, because it projects the image of a desolate hell. Once this track is over...your life for the next hour or so is over. The vocals are murky. The tone of the guitars is reminiscent of Ulcerate (love it!), but the sound of Abyssal is FAR darker than Ulcerate. There is plenty of going on in each and every song, so every listen provides a new little tid bit to enjoy. This is about as devastating as it gets boys and girls.
61. Akercocke - Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone
Beauty and the Beast part tres? I think so. Akercocke are grade A musicians, and this is undoubtedly a masterpiece. The clean vocals are absolutely outstanding. Clear, powerful and never cheesy (at least in my opinion). The "extreme" vocals I guess is what I'll call them, because sometimes they're not always growls and not exactly shrieks, are devilishly good. Not only are the vocals versatile, but the music is constantly shifting paces and moods. The songs are structured ever so carefully, with each instrument getting its due attention. It took me far too long to listen to this album, and for that I'm sad, but now whenever I need a fix of progressive death, there's always this wonderfully demented album.
62. Cobalt - Gin
To say I'm eagerly awaiting their new album Slow Forever would be an understatement, but let's discuss the the album we actually have available to us! This album is without a doubt a bruiser. When the dynamic duo want to unleash a wave of sound they aren't afraid to do so. Tempos change from acoustic melodies to all out onslaughts of precise drumming, thundering riffs and powerful bass. The songs build and morph into a sonic boom that will knock your socks off. Got some time on your hands? Dabble in some Gin.
63. Killswitch Engage - Disarm The Descent
Yeah…OK this is a metalcore album. What the hell is it doing on my list? Well I'll tell you what it's doing on my list. I've smashed weights to this album almost more than any other album (Versus The World by Amon Amarth may have it beat by a few…death in fire!). I find the lyrics to be uplifting and emotional. Jesse Leach's performance is extremely emotive with his delivery of the lyrics he's been given. The songs are also catchy which doesn't hurt.
64. Lurker Of Chalice - Lurker Of Chalice
This album took several listens to appreciate, and it will likely take several more to truly appreciate. Sometimes I don't quite "get" the ambient bands. I enjoy the albums, but they don't quite always click. This one clicked. It's dark and twisted. Wrest has created a powerful work of music that should not go unappreciated. Everything from the guitars, to the drums to the bass and finally the sound clips are extremely fitting for the overall mood the album is attempting to display. Cheers to all the people who have been requesting that this album make the list.
65. Drudkh - Microcosmos
I'm an accountant, so during tax season I'm working long hours February 1 - April 30. Damn near every morning in April of last year I listened to this album. I found it soothing to listen to as there is that nature vibe to Drudkh's music, but the music can be volatile at times as the vocals ebb and flow with intensity. Overall this album may not be the most "crushing" release, but hell when you zone in on your work it can be some intense background noise.
66. Rivers of Nihil - The Conscious Seed Of Light
I had read several good things about this release prior to listening to it. One of the article writers on had been raving about it non-stop once it came out, and it made a few year-end lists. I thought…well if it's good enough for them, it should be good enough for me. I have a love-hate relationship with tech-death. I love the good stuff, I hate the wanky bullshit that is repetitive and just a pure show-off of musicianship. This album is the former. It fucked my face off and fucked some more. The vocals are hostile, which supports the angry vibe of the music. The guitar tones are perfect in my opinion. There is plenty of variation to the album, and it never fails to be stale. The bass and drumming should also not go unmentioned. They accentuate the lead of the guitars and provide perfect support for the music.
67. Procession - To Reap Heavens Apart
Procession's sophomore release is pure doom. Felipe's vocals truly drive the album for me. The range in his voice evokes a sense of sorrow and yearning. The album is extremely accessible, but it is strong in its intentions and delivery. Melody is used throughout, but this does not hinder the doom experience. Enjoy a heartfelt performance put forth by a band that is continuing to grow.
68. Prostitute Disfigurement - From Crotch To Crown
This album certainly won't be for everyone. This has been my first encounter with the band. The album is gruesome, vulgar and offensive. The cover art is fucked up to say the least. All of these elements combined with their visceral brand of brutal death, and you have one hell of an album. I find this album has the perfect blend of melody, technicality and brutality. The album has memorable and catchy riffs that will be pounding in your brain for days to come.
69. Thou - Heathen
This album…is one of the most beautiful albums I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. There is much to be admire with this release. There is distinct melody in every song, but at the same time the majority of the songs build and build until they finally erupt into a climatic fury. The vocals remind me somewhat of Wolves In The Throne Room. This album isn't a one trick pony either, it isn't just crushing riff after crushing riff. There are moments of ambience (the filler tracks and the beginning of the final track, which sounds like it could be something made by Earth) and moments of peacefulness (the female vocals are a beautiful addition to the 2nd last track). The guitars lead the album for the most part, but the bass and drums are always present in the background supporting the beautiful melodies produced by the guitars. "We are the stone that starts the avalanche, We are the cough that spreads the plague, We are the spark that lights the inferno, We are."
70. Dolorian - Voidwards
This band has a very unique sound, which is pretty rare nowadays. I get the odd Esoteric vibe from them every now and then, but that's just because of the odd guitar tone here and there. On to the music! This shit is quirky, it's weird, and it is deliciously dark. It takes your mind through a vortex, bending your thoughts with the changing soundscape. It isn't your traditional black doom album…it is so much more. The band's atmosphere is nothing short of impressive, and all instruments contribute to the psychedelic adventure the album takes you on. Enter the void and release your emotions.
71. Asunder - Works Will Come Undone
Too bad this fuckin' band came undone, because the two albums they released are fantastic. I could have done without the 30 minutes of nothing on the final track, but that shall not take away from the power of the album. As most funeral doom albums it starts slow, but once it starts gaining pace (by funeral doom standards) it doesn't let up. At times the album can even be ferocious. Two tracks, 45 minutes of punishing gloomy doom. I'd compare them to Mournful Congregation, even though it isn't a completely accurate comparison. They have the spoken/chanted type vocals, melody, catchy riffs and long songs in common.
72. Forgotten Tomb - Love's Burial Ground
Mini review on the way.
73. Mouth Of The Architect - Quietly
Mini review on the way.
74. Verdunkeln - Einblick In Den Qualenfall
Mini review on the way.

Disclaimer: All top lists are unofficial and do not represent the point of view of the MS Staff.
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mz - 17.07.2013 at 20:03  
Written by Guest on 17.07.2013 at 19:56

Written by mz on 09.07.2013 at 13:28

Thank you a lot. I have listened to Ministry's ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ and it was good album, my next step would be your suggestion if that's a crushing album. Also, sludge is a genre which I have personally hard time getting to. I have listened to some sludge albums and enjoyed a few number of them, including that acid bath album. I also admit that SYL's city and katatonia's BMD are crushing and excellent albums.
Meshugah, well, I tried them twice and it was such a disappointment for me. They are currently one of the biggest band which I have no interest in. Which one of their albums is a proper start for a noob?
Have not listened to the rest of your suggestions yet but sure will do.
Again, TNX

You know those suggestions were for the list, right?

yeah, I only thought that ministry album is directed to me. The rest of my comment was the description of my opinion about your suggestions but I admit that I had have a misleading and dumb reply there
Chobo_jokeR - 04.08.2013 at 20:47  
Written by Guest on 09.07.2013 at 00:47

Written by mz on 06.07.2013 at 01:41

For crushing industrial albums, you could have old school ramstien, the last P.H.O.B.O.S (industrial drone doom), N.K.V.D (industrial black, really dark, hateful and crushing) and Jesu (on heartache EP).

I think in terms of crushing power in industrial, Ministry's Rio Grande Blood would also look good here, if just for sheer intensity alone.

Also, wanna throw out some stoner/sludge releases if you wanna try them:
Buzzov•en - ...At A Loss
Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain
Acid Bath - When The Kite String Pops
Sleep - Dopesmoker

And other "left-field ones":
Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings (In terms of bleak and melancholy, anger and frustration. Definitely their darkest work.)
Katatonia - Brave Murder Day
Demilich - Nespiche
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
The Ocean - Pelagial

And I urge you to reconsider these ones, but if you don't care to, that's fine:
Strapping Young Lad - City (First time I listened to it, it didn't catch me at all, and I was equally annoyed at certain parts like on AAA and the middle tracks, which wouldn't recatch my interest until Room 429. Took me two or three listens to fully appreciate it. I am more of a DT fan though, so that might be a factor, but I listened to SYL long before I checked out some of DT's work.)
Meshuggah (But not Catch 33. Something more along the line of I or anything beforehand.)

I'll give the Ministry album a listen.

One of Acid Bath's albums will likely show up. Of the "left-field ones", I'd consider Demilich and The Ocean. I've given Katatonia numerous chances, saw them live and still meh...could do without.

I'll give SYL and Meshuggah another shot, but I honestly stopped listening to both albums after a few minutes. I just didn't care for either of the bands' sound.

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