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Exodus - Persona Non Grata

7.8 | 187 votes |
Release date: 19 November 2021
Style: Bay Area thrash metal


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01. Persona Non Grata
02. R.E.M.F
03. Slipping Into Madness
04. Elitist
05. Prescribing Horror
06. The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)
07. The Years Of Death And Dying
08. Clickbait
09. Cosa Del Pantano
10. Lunatic-Liar-Lord
11. The Fires Of Division
12. Antiseed

The Best Thrash Metal Album Of 2021

Staff review by
omne metallum
Welcome back, it's been too long.

published 18.11.2021 | Comments (24)

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22.08.2021 - 18:19
Rating: 8

Hopefully it won't sound like the single they put out, since that sounded like raw demo quality. But the single sounded very punky, like their 80s stuff, just with an aggressive Zetro lol. Still looking forward to it. Exodus always comes through 🤘
18.09.2021 - 15:54
Rating: 8
Brutal Water

I like The Beatings Will Continue, but I don't love it. I very much prefer Clickbait out of the two songs revealed so far.

Still, looking forward to this.
That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.
20.11.2021 - 00:02
Rating: 8
Metal Rambo

Always glad to have some new Exodus, but over 60 minutes is just an overkill.
You've got a lot of guts. Let's see what they look like!
20.11.2021 - 05:41
Rating: 7
Aries Rising

Exodus needs an editor. The song lengths ruin the experience a little.
20.11.2021 - 10:28
Rating: 8
JoHn DoE

Just finished listening to it, enjoyed it quite a bit.
I thought the two primary purposes for the internet were cat memes and overreactions.
20.11.2021 - 12:24
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
In my teenage days maybe Piranha and Toxic waltz was songs I liked, I did not enjoyed this band. Later maybe 5 years ago I re listen it and now like latest and now this albums are cool. I am older, not so much poser as I was, and I enjoy it. Band still writes good quality songs, and this is killer album. Maybe not best lyrics, but thrash n mosh attitude. Good singing, well good one.
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
20.11.2021 - 19:46
Rating: 8

I actually really enjoyed this album, thought it was better than the previous one. Better vocals aswell
22.11.2021 - 11:23
Rating: 7

The album is decent, but 15-20mins too long. Also Zetro's vocals always made it hard for me to listen to Exodus for long periods of time which is a shame because musically it's a great band.
24.12.2021 - 17:04
Rating: 8

Welcome back. The 4th seat is vacant. You belong there. Compared to the last few outcome from the first two place-holders, this album is the real BATM. Few tracks took me through a nostalgic voyage. I know the ones who listen to the new gen t(h)rash metal will not be agreeing with me but for us, the teenagers of 90s, this is it.
In the beginning I was made of clay. Then I bit the apple and they changed me to metal 🤘
30.12.2021 - 19:05

If only all the songs were as good as The Fires Of Division this album would have been great
11.01.2022 - 19:03
Rating: 10
Oh my god, Exodus still rocking! that riffs are spectacular as always! From Tempo Of The Damned they got their definitive sound right, each album in excellence. Gary Holt pure genius.
14.04.2022 - 04:54
Rating: 7

Not a bad album. That kid crying song was kind of cool.
Leeches everywhere.

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