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Threshold - Dead Reckoning

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Release date: 23 March 2007
Style: Progressive metal


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01. Slipstream [feat. Dan Swanö]
02. This Is Your Life
03. Elusive [feat. Dan Swanö]
04. Hollow
05. Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams
06. Fighting For Breath
07. Disappear
08. Safe To Fly
09. One Degree Down
10. Supermassive Black Hole [Muse cover] [digipak bonus]

Andrew "Mac" McDermott - vocals
Richard West - keyboards
Karl Groom - guitars
Johanne James - drums
Steve Anderson - bass

Guest musicians:
Dan Erland Swanö - vocals

Additional info
Deluxe version available exclusively as a download includes instrumental versions of songs.

Staff review by
Dream Taster
The leading UK progressive band Threshold has had a long career, going through seven studio albums already. I have always considered them more or less as a nice progressive rock or hard rock combo with Metal elements. Either way, there is no doubt that they have been a pillar band in the progressive scene all those years. Knowing all of this, it may come as a surprise that their latest album might just be my favorite progressive album of the year.

published 22.07.2007 | Comments (13)

Guest review by
I don't write this review as an utmost expert of the band, I write it as a growing fan, having listened to one other album, "Hypothetical" and taking an interest in the band. From Hypothetical I got the impression that this Threshold band were a fairly typical, if actually substantially more catchy, Progressive Metal band with slight Hard Rock tendencies (in my opinion), and an overall quite epic commercialism to them. In simpler terms: VERY melodic metal put through the progressive wringer. I was actually really looking forward to this album as a result, and I was surely not disappointed at all. I was at first slightly put off by the album's more resoundingly commercial sound. The other Threshold songs I had heard were obviously very melodic and catchy, but this time around there seemed to be quite a few more that were focused on the catchiness of the melodies, and less on an epic expansive structure, but I mistook more simple songs for hollowness. Yes, I was indeed a moron, for this album is equally as good as Hypothetical. Songs such as "Slipstream" and "This Is Your Life" may be more commercial (with Slipstream having quite a hard rocky touch to the main verse: nice touch, actually), but it is also equally as powerful, catchy and memorable.

published 12.07.2008 | Comments (0)

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22.12.2012 - 07:58
Rating: 9
Metal slave
...Wish their other albums were this riffy
22.12.2012 - 10:45
Rating: 9
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Written by JÄY on 22.12.2012 at 07:58

...Wish their other albums were this riffy
I see that you've heeded my advice in the Riff oriented Prog metal suggestions thread =P
loves 小巫
10.05.2019 - 01:43
Rating: 8

This is fantastic prog metal. Threshold is in top form, and the riffs and hooks dont stop flying at you.
17.11.2020 - 14:47
Rating: 7
Mountain King
K i K o
Nice album but not exceptional, has more riffing than the previous releases and reminds me of Savatage sometimes which is a big plus for me, especially the vocals, where "Slipstream" is a good example of that.

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