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In Flames - The Tokyo Showdown [Live]

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Release date: 4 September 2001
Style: Gothenburg metal, Alternative metal


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01. Bullet Ride
02. Embody The Invisible
03. Jotun
04. Food For The Gods
05. Moonshield
06. Clayman
07. Swim
08. Behind Space
09. Only For The Weak
10. Gyroscope
11. Scorn
12. Ordinary Story
13. Pinball Map
14. Colony
15. Episode 666

Guest review by
For me this album was the biggest musical letdown of 2001. I mean, this IS In Flames, isn's it? How can an album that has Episode 666, Ordinary Story, Moonshield, Only For The Weak, Pinball Map, Colony and other great classics all on the same cd, be anything but one of the greatest albums of all time?

Well, it seems In Flames found a way. No, I'm not complaining about the overwhelming amount of material from Clayman, which is given one-third of the album. No, in fact, while a bit more of their older material would have been appreciated, I was quite pleased with their song selection. The problem here is that the sound is TERRIBLE for an In Flames album. The guitars are as thin as can be, Anders seems to have lost almost all vocal ability, and half the time, I'm left wondering whether Daniel is playing drums or pots and pans. Now, in fairness, it's not always like that, but it is far too often.

published 02.09.2003 | Comments (7)

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