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Born Of Osiris - The Discovery

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Release date: 22 March 2011
Style: Progressive deathcore


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01. Follow The Signs
02. Singularity
03. Ascension
04. Devastate
05. Recreate
06. Two Worlds Of Design
07. A Solution
08. Shaping The Masterpiece
09. Dissimulation
10. Automatic Motion
11. The Omniscient (An Interlude)
12. Last Straw
13. Regenerate
14. XIV
15. Behold

The best Hardcore / Metalcore / Deathcore album of 2011

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Recorded in 2010 at Bota Studio, USA.

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If you strongly believe deathcore isn't worth a damn, well congratufuckinglations, you're officially a total tool who doesn't know what's good for him. Here's how the rest of the "I hate deathcore because I'm a wuss"-scenario plays out: soon you become the laughing stock of your friends (even the ones you made up), your loving mommy and daddy think you're a disgrace and kick your ass out of the house and eventually you end up being that weird guy in the subway who does headbanging tricks for a nickel. All this because you refused to listen to some hq deathcore shit... like Born Of Osiris' latest.

published 30.05.2011 | Comments (66)

Born Of Osiris was never the easiest thing to "get". But this album really shows a band on top of its game.
If you ever needed a good reason to check out Born Of Osiris, here it is!

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26.06.2014 - 09:24
Rating: 8
Not a big fan of the electronic beat passages, but other than that, perfect album.
27.01.2018 - 10:03
Not deathcore fan at all. But I'm really enjoy this album.
05.03.2018 - 09:40
Stunning Cactus
Easily the only deathcore album worth listening to.
27.11.2021 - 07:07
Rating: 9
The Galactician
Echoing the thoughts of others here, this genre isn’t my favorite, but the songwriting and execution on this album are excellent. This is a consistently enjoyable record to come back to.

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