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Fates Warning - No Exit

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Release date: 30 March 1988
Style: Progressive metal


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01. No Exit
02. Anarchy Divine
03. Silent Cries
04. In A Word
05. Shades Of Heavenly Death
06. The Ivory Gate Of Dreams
    1 - Innocence
    2 - Cold Daze
    3 - Daylight Dreamers
    4 - Quietus
    5 - Ivory Tower
    6 - Whispers On The Wind
    7 - Aquiescence
    8 - Retrospect
07. Quietus [demo] [2007 Deluxe Edition bonus]
08. The Ivory Gate Of Dreams [Outtake 1] [2007 Deluxe Edition bonus]
09. The Ivory Gate Of Dreams [Outtake 2] [2007 Deluxe Edition bonus]

Guest review by
Chunk and the end of an era.

Here's a cd that is one of the peaks in the progressive metal arena, but which also signified the end of a particular style for a band that could've done so much more had they stayed the course afterwards.

No Exit is a chunky, somewhat underrated progressive metal behemoth. Although John Arch was replaced by Ray Alder, the music never relented. Awaken the Guardian had a more technical, mystical side whereas No Exit brought in way more bass and chunk. That's not to say there aren't plenty of technical elements to be had, as anyone who's heard "The Ivory Gates of Dreams" can attest to.

published 17.10.2010 | Comments (3)

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08.12.2012 - 16:04
Rating: 9
Au Pays Natal
The Cd that got me into FW and prog metal. Saw "Silent Cries" on MTV's Headbangers ball (when MTV actually played music) and was enamored with Ray Alder's voice instantly.
30.01.2018 - 00:26
Rating: 6

What were they thinking with this album? While Alder is a colossal singer, Arch's unique vocal melodies are sadly missed and everything else that made their previous releases so unique among the plethora of other USPM bands is missing here as well. The only thing that hints at the prog masterpieces their their later releases would become is the obvious center (master)-piece "The Ivory Gates of Dreams". Other than that it just sounds like a somewhat more sophisticated solid 80s thrash/speed metal album. The horrible hollow 80s underground thrash metal production, that sounds like they paid a random kid on the street 20$ to mix it in his basement, that somehow manages to sounds even worse on the remastered version, certainly doesn't do it any favors either. The John Arch albums and their later releases sure as hell aren't famous for their amazing production either but something about the way it's done here especially annoys me. IMHO (let's be honest it means hubris-filled opinion) their worst album to date.
18.11.2020 - 11:08
Rating: 7
Not among their best but it's a nice transition album from the Arch era to the pure prog era from Perfect Symmetry and on. Ivory of Gates of Dreams and In A Word are my favourites
And what do you call assassins who accuse assassins anyway, my friend?

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