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1991-  Terence Holler - vocals
1991-  Eugene Simone - lead and rhythm guitars
2007-  Raffahell Dridge - drums
2009-  Rudj Ginanneschi - guitars
2010-  Gabriele Caselli - keyboards
2014-  Alessio Consani - bass
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1991-1999  Adriano Dal Canto - drums
1992-1998  Oleg Smirnoff - keyboards
1992-2004  Martin Kyhn - bass
1998-2004  Sean Henderson - keyboards
1999-2007  Eugenio Simeone - drums
2001-2009  Roberto Proietti - guitars
2004  Lisa Oliviero - bass
2004-NA  John Crystal - bass
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2007  Laura Scappini - backing vocals
2003-2004  Alessio Franchini - backing vocals
2005-2006  Elisabetta Viviani - vocals
2007  Ray Alder - additional vocals
2011  Babis "Bob" Katsionis - keyboards

Latest reviews

Eldritch's thrash fuelled sound isn't your garden variety power metal, and they've never really seemed to fit any of the stereotypes of the genre, always presenting albums which are significantly heavier and more progressive than the norm. A unique band with a distinctive sound is what they are, which they continue to present on album in their latest record Tasting The Tears, albeit to mixed results.   Review by R'Vannith ››
"Neighbourhell" is already the sixth albums of the Italian combo Eldritch, and when I see the quality of this release I'm still wondering why this band is so underrated. This is extremely weird because I didn't hear a lot of things...   Review by Jeff ››
Eldritch is back, with their first album in 3 years, and even if I didn't know Eldritch I like, looked forward to this album.
A very powerful progressive metal album was one of the highest wishes I had for the summer, even if this wasn't what...   Review by Malcolm ››

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