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The Iron Maidens


2001-  Nikki McBURRain - drums
2002-  Steph Harris - bass
2008-  Bruce Chickinson - vocals
2008-  Adriana Smith - guitars
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2001-2002  Melanie Sisneros - bass
2001-2004  Jenny Warren - vocals
2001-2005  Josephine Soegijanty - guitars
2001-2010  Sara "MiniMurray" Marsh - guitars
2004-2008  Bruce Lee Chickinson - vocals
2005-2006  Adrienne Smith - guitars
2006-2008  Adrienne Smith - guitars
2010-2013  Mega Murray - guitars
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2008  Paul Di'Anno - vocals
2005  Michael Kenney - keyboards
2007  Phil Campbell - guitars

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