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Blindfolded And Led To The Woods


2010-  Nick Smith - bass
2010-  Stuart Henley-Minchington - guitars
2010-  Stace Fifield - vocals
2018-  Ben Atkinson - guitars
2022-  Anthony Coota - drums
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2010-2011  Jeremy "Jazz" Thomson - guitars
2010-2022  Tim Stewart - drums
2011-2018  Jared Morgan - guitars
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2023  Samuel K Sproull - synthesizers
2020-2021  Karl Sanders - additional vocals
2023  Andrew Tunguz-Zawislak - trombone

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There’s enough cookie-cutter death metal available in Europe and the US to keep those searching for it satisfied virtually forever. Therefore, it’s perhaps not surprising that in the instances where a New Zealand death metal group’s reputation reaches the Northern Hemisphere, it’s because they’re doing things a bit differently.
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