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Country: Russia (original)
Norway (current)
Label: Season Of Mist

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Formed in: 2005
Hiatus: 2007-2009
Hiatus: 2010-2019

2005-Black metal
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2005-  Bizarre - vocals, guitars, bass
2019-  Ignat Pomazkov - guitars
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2005-2009  D. - keyboards
2005-2019  K.K. - bass
2009-2010  Taakesjel - drums
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2005-  Adv - drums

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The final weeks of an ending year and the first few weeks of the following one are usually fairly quiet on the release front; it gives music reviewers, professional and amateur alike, time to pontificate over their innumerable end-of-year lists and recharge for the following year. Yet, for the second year in a row, February’s barely started and I already feel like there’s more albums worth reviewing than time to review them in, including albums like Den Tapte Krigen.
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