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Country: United Kingdom (original)
USA (current)
Label: Metal God Records
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Formed in: 1999
Hiatus: 2003-2008

1999-Heavy metal


1999-  Rob Halford - vocals
1999-  Metal Mike Chlasciak - guitars
1999-  Robert "Bobby" Jarzombek - drums
2003-  Michael "Mike" Davis - bass
2008-  Roy Z - guitars
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1999-2002  Patrick Lachman - guitars
1999-2003  Ray Riendeau - bass
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2003  Jason Ward - bass
2000  Roy Z - guitars
› 2002  -//-
2000  Pete Parada - drums
2000-2001  Bruce Dickinson - vocals
2001  Ed Ross - keyboards
2001  Rudolf Schenker - guitars

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Taking Heavy Metal into new extremes Halford shows up with his 2002 album 'Crucible' the successor to the major successful Resurrection. With elements of nu-metal, a nightmare of distorted sounds, furious drumming parts and from time to time...
Review by Pierre Tombale ››
This Album should have been called 'The Live Best Of of Rob Halford', because it contains not only the Resurrection live material, but also some of the most famous Judas Priest Songs and songs Halford recorded with Fight and the two japan-only-bonus-tracks...
Review by Pierre Tombale ››

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