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Bruce Dickinson

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Country: United Kingdom
Label: Sanctuary Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1989

1989-1996Hard rock
1997-Heavy metal


1989-  Bruce Dickinson - vocals
1992-1995  Roy Z - guitars
› 1997-  -//-
› 2005  -//- bass
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1989-1992  Janick Gers - guitars
1989-1992  Andy Carr - bass
1989-1992  Fabio Del Rio - drums
1992-1995  Eddie Casillas - bass
› 1997-1999  -//-
1992-1995  Dave Ingraham - drums
› 1997-1999  -//-
1995-1997  Alex Dickson - guitars
1995-1997  Chris Dale - bass
1995-1997  Alessandro Elena - drums
1997-1999  Adrian Smith - guitars
2005  Ray "Geezer" Burke - bass
2005  David Moreno - drums
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1998  Richard "The Guru" Carr - guitars
2002  Chris Dale - bass
2002  Robin Guy - drums
2002  Alex Dickson - guitars
2002  Pete "Freezin" Friesen - guitars
2005  Maestro Mistheria - keyboards

Latest reviews

It took Bruce Dickinson quite some time to revive on his solo career after rejoining Iron Maiden, so what kind of output would you expect from him? I guess to answer this we should look back on his last two studio albums in the 1990's 'Accident...
Review by Pierre Tombale ››
Everybody knows like me that a new Iron Maiden album or a new Bruce Dickinson release is always an event. After the Maiden's "Dance Of Death" this is now the turn of Mr Dickinson to release is new solo effort, "Tyranny Of Souls"....
Review by Jeff ››
Brazil loves Bruceeeh, there is no other way to explain why the concerts of Mr. Dickinson the by fans proclaimed best vocalist of Iron Maiden is celebrated so much on his solo touring in the south american country. Listening to 'Scream?' you...
Review by Pierre Tombale ››

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