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Dark Illusion


1982-  Tomas Hultqvist - guitars
2003-  Thomas Vikström - vocals
2005-  Pontus Egberg - bass
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1982-1985  Ola Jansson - bass
1982-2005  Niklas Tengblad - rhytm guitars
2005-2009  Jonas Östman - drums
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2009  Johan Peter Kullberg - drums
2003  Chris Laney - keyboards, programming
› 2009  -//- keyboards
2005  Ola Jansson - bass
2005  Fredrik Kristian Folkare - keyboards

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Dark Illusion came into being all the way back in 1982. At that time they put the band to rest before releasing anything. In 2003, roughly 20 years later they decided to get back together and now in 2010 (well, actually late 2009) they present their second...
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My friend Andre aka Monowasp was the designer of "Beyond The Shadows" and he naturally came to me one day to say that I should have a look on this CD. I had a look on some samples and understood quickly that it was something for me. I got the...
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