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Blind Oath


2018-  Eric Miller - vocals
2018-  Robert Gutierrez - guitars
2018-  Mitchell Gilliam - guitars
2018-  Jacob Fuller - bass
2018-  Stuart Hetherwood - drums
2022-2023  Tim Baker - vocals
2022-2023  Russell Moore - guitars


2018 Demonstration MMXVIII [Demo]
2020 Blind Oath [Single]
2022 The Flame [Single]
2023 Fascinatrix [Single] 5
2023 The Visitor [Single] 5
2023 Spectral Attack [Single] 5

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Blind Oath were born when five metal fans that had devoted their lives to booking, hosting, and travelling to see live shows of some of metal’s great ones met with their heroes in Night Demon, Manilla Road, and Cirith Ungol. They teamed up with Horton Records, a non-profit music label based in Oklahoma and dedicated to promoting Tulsa area artists, and this is how great metal underground stories are written.
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