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Cirith Ungol


1972-  Robert Garven - drums
1972-1982  Greg Lindstrom - guitars, synthesizers
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1976-  Tim Baker - vocals
1988-  Jim Barraza - guitars
2015-  Jarvis Leatherby - bass
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1972-1975  Neal "Terry Dactyl" Beattie - vocals
1972-1987  Jerry Fogle - guitars
1972-1987  Michael "Flint" Vujea - bass
1988-1992  Vernon Green - bass
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1991  Joe Malatasta - guitars
1991  Rob Warrenburg - bass
1992  Mike Johnson (II) - guitars
2018-  Armand Anthony - guitars

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Having been on the scene for an astonishing fifty-one years, at a time when even heavy metal was unheard of, could this Dark Parade signal Cirith Ungol's final act? If so, then these warriors of heavy metal are going out in true heavy/doom style.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
Cirith Ungol's last album came out in 1991 and shortly after that the main cogs of this heavy/doom machine gave up making music altogether. You can read about how the sleeping giant was awakened here. For Forever Black's cover art the band once again collaborated with longtime friend and fantasy artist Michael Whelan, and it is one that directly hints at the music; that is, ballsy heavy metal saturated with ominous doom.
Review by nikarg ››

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