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1999-  Fernando Boccomino - guitar, vocals
1999-2002  Eduardo Boccomino - guitars
› 2007-  -//-
2001-  Anderson de França - bass
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1999-2010  Danilo de Freitas - drums
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2020  Steve "Zetro" Souza - vocals

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Thrash metal
Recorded: Tori Estúdios, Brazil 2008
Label: OSM Records
Total Running Time: 45:10

Brazilian thrash bands are cursed - seriously. As soon as metalheads talk about Brazilian thrash metal, everybody immediately thinks Sepultura as in...
Review by Thryce ››
Thrash Metal and Brazil, this is a long story you know and well, I'm quite sure actually that the influence of a band named Sepultura is probably one of the main reason on the fact that a lot of people from Brazil love Thrash Metal. Today, we will...
Review by Jeff ››

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