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Twisted Tower Dire


1995-  Marc Stauffer - drums
1995-  Scott Waldrop - guitars
1997-  Dave Boyd - guitars
2002-  James "Jim" Hunter - bass
2007-  Jonny Aune - vocals
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1995  Tom Phillips - vocals
1995  Nick Mertaugh - guitars
1995-2000  Jim Murad - bass
1996  Hayes Elkins - guitars
1996-1998  Janet Rubin - vocals
1999-2006  Tony Taylor - vocals
2001  Mike Engel - bass
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2019  Reid Rogers - guitars
2003  Piet Sielck - backing vocals, guitars
2003  Joachim "Piesel" Kustner - backing vocals, guitars

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When I first read that Twisted Tower Dire was a band of US Power Metal, I said to myself that it was probably something for me. I even read some really nice words about their previous album "Crest Of The Martyrs" (released in 2003) which was...
Review by Jeff ››
Once again it has come to a Tribute album, the kind of album you'll either love or hate.
Normally I'm not that fond of these kinds of albums, I think they are pretty useless, why gather an album with just covers? I mean, almost every band does...
Review by Malcolm ››

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