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Serj Tankian

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Country: USA
Label: Serjical Strike/Reprise

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2007

2007- Alternative metal
2007- Hard rock


2007-  Serj Tankian - vocals, all instruments
2007  Fabrice Favre - synthesizer
2007  Bryan Mantia - drums
2007  Ani Maldjian - vocals
2007  Antonio Pontarelli - violin
2007  Cameron Stone - cello
2007  Dan Monti - guitar, bass, drum programming, synthesizer
2007  John Dolmayan - drums
2007-  Dan Monti - guitar, vocals
2007-  Mario Pagliarulo - bass, vocals
2007-  Troy Zeigler - drums
2007-  Erwin Khachikian - piano
2007-2008  Larry "Ler" LaLonde - guitar, vocals
2008-  Jeff Mallow - guitar, vocals
2007  Diran Noubar - guitar
2010  Shana Halligan - vocals
2011  Tom Morello - guitar


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Experimental Alternative rock / Neo-progressive rock
Recorded: Home Studio, Los Angeles 2010
Label: Serjical Strike Records / Reprise Records (Warner)
Total Running Time: 44:09

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