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Country: Sweden
Label: Despotz Records

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Formed in: 1992
Broke up: 2006-2013

1992-Gothic metal


1992-2003  Klas Bohlin - guitars, vocals
› 2013-  -//- vocals
1992-2006  Robert "Vintervind" Spånglund - guitars, programming
› 2013-  -//- guitars
2013-  Angelina Sahlgren Söder - vocals
2013-  Johan Örnborg - bass
2013-  Herman "Manne" Engström - guitars
2013-  Håkan Carlsson - drums
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1992-1998  Andreas Wiik - bass
1992-1998  Morgan Gredåker - drums
1992-2001  Jörgen Sjöberg - vocals
1998-2006  Daniel Elofsson - bass
1998-2006  Jonas Strömberg - drums
2000-2006  Lotta Höglin - vocals
2000-2006  Mikael Back - keyboards
2001-2006  Erik Molarin - vocals
2004-2006  Herman Engström - guitars
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1998  Malin Andersson - flute
1998  Henrik Malmberg - cello
1998  Stefan Malmberg - violin
1998  Anna Andersson - vocals, piano
2002  Conny Pettersson - drums

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As you can see in the track list, this new DVD produced by the Polish label Metal Mind is a nice compilation of the bands which performed last year at the XX edition of the famous festival of Katowice. As always with this "Metal Mania" DVD,...
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First of all I'd like to state that I don't intend to compare the two periods of Beseech, -the "From A Bleeding Heart"-"Black Emotions" and the "Soul's Highway"-"Sunless Day" era. This is simply because...
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The year 2003 finds Beseech without one of their former guitarists and main song-writer of the band up to "Soul's Highway", Klas Bohlin. Now the only former member of the band is the other guitarist of the band, Robert Spεnglund,...
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