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1992-2011  Teemu Hautamäki - bass
1992-2011  Antti Karihtala - drums
1995-2011  Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto - vocals
2003-2011  Lauri Tuohimaa - guitars
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1992-2003  Jasse Von Hast - guitars
1992-2010  Pasi Sipilä - guitars
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2000-2005  Jenny Heinonen - vocals
2003  Marko Hietala - vocals
2005  Tomi Koivusaari - sitar
2005  Santeri Kallio - keyboards


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And now, a new release of one of all the Finnish Gothic Metal bands that rock our world. This time, it's Charon that have released a successor to last year's big hit, Downhearted.

After J.P's (Vocals) little outing to Ville Laihiala's...
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While on the second album, Tearstained, Sentenced's influence was obvious, what we have here can be classified somewhere halfway between Sentenced and HIM. But make no mistake - it's not your fucking "love metal"! On Downhearted heavy...
Review by Ivan ››

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