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Country: Sweden
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 1999
Disbanded in: 2020

1999-2020Folk metal
1999-2020Power metal
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1999-2002  Mathias Blad - vocals
› 2005-2020  -//-
1999-2020  Karsten Larsson - drums
1999-2020  Stefan Weinerhall - guitars
2004-2020  Jimmy Hedlund - guitars
2004-2020  Magnus Linhardt - bass
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2002-2004  Peder Johansson - bass
2002-2004  Anders Johansson - guitars
2003-2005  Kristoffer Gobel - vocals
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2001  Ulrika Olausson - backing vocals
2002  Sabine Daniels - flute
2003  Fredrik Jonsson - backing vocals
2003  Thomas Sjölander - backing vocals
2003  Elina Ryd - backing vocals
2003  Nicklas Olsson - vocals, backing vocals, guitars
2005  Lotta Liljered - backing vocals
2005  Fisherman Pete - backing vocals
2005  Zenny Hansson - backing vocals
2005  Anna Wallander - backing vocals
2008  Evelyn Jons - vocals, backing vocals
2008  Anders Wangdahl - vocals, backing vocals
2011  Anna Monéus - flute
2011  Terese Unge - cello
2011  Fredrik Andersson (IV) - fiddle
2014  Olof Berggren - flute, harpsichord
2002  Elias Holmlid - piano, organ
2002  Sami Yousri - violin
2002  Johan Wikstrom - backing vocals
2002-2005  Andy LaRocque - guitars
2003  Johannes Nyberg - keyboards, backing vocals
› 2006  -//- piano, harpsichord
› 2008  -//- piano
2003  Mathias Blad - vocals
2003-2005  Elize Ryd - backing vocals
2005  Snowy Shaw - drums
2011  Helene Blad - vocals

Latest reviews

I am not an active follower of Falconer, but this Swedish quintet has produced some of the best albums ever to grace the power metal genre, and seeing them finally hang up their quills and questing boots is no one's idea of a great summer. Trace another silhouette on 2020's fuselage, I guess. But before they went, Falconer decided to give us one final rejoinder: From A Dying Ember.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Black Moon Rising is a surprising turn after Falconer's previous album. Very much in the spirit of their self-titled debut effort, this release signals for galloping power metal over the folk preferences the band have shown us at varied stages over the course of their consistent career.
Review by R'Vannith ››
Another Swedish band that returns with a new album this year is Falconer with their medieval-oozing Power Metal that gained huge success in the beginning of their career much because of Stefan's (Weinerhall) exceptional way of handling a guitar and...
Review by Malcolm ››
And so it's time for Swedish "Falconer" to release their third album, since the debut "Falconer" in 2001.
The new addition for the Discography is the album "The Sceptre of Deception" which also is the first with there...
Review by Malcolm ››

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