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Country: United Kingdom
Label: Verglas Music

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Formed in: 1995

1995- Progressive metal


1995-  Clive Nolan - keyboards
1995-  Mick Pointer - drums
1997-  John Mitchell - guitars
2014-  Kylan Amos - bass
2020-  Damian Wilson - vocals
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1995-1996  John Carson - vocals
1995-1996  Cliff Orsi - bass
1995-1996  Keith More - guitars
1997-1999  Paul Wrightson - vocals
1997-1999  John Jowitt - bass
› 2011-2014  -//-
1999-2010  Rob Sowden - vocals
1999-2011  Ian Salmon - bass
2011-2020  Paul Manzi - vocals
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Turns out it's not easy to come up with an apt description for the new Arena album. I've spent quite some time searching for a phrase that would round up my ongoing journey with The Unquiet Sky. Until recently I could only think of something being off about this one. Now, finally, I've concluded that unremarkable grower sums it up best. That, and that something is decidedly off about it.
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Progressive rock band Arena has existed now for a decade and has been one of the finest prog outfits during these years, bringing quality with each album. And to celebrate the tenth anniversary the band has released their sixth studio album titled "Pepper's...
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