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1981-  Mike Holmes - guitar
1981-1985  Peter Nicholls - vocals
› 1990-  -//-
1981-1989  Tim Esau - bass
› 2011-  -//-
1982-2005  Paul Cook - drums
› 2009-  -//-
2010-  Neil Durant - keyboards
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1981-1982  Mark Ridout - drums
1981-2007  Martin Orford - keyboards
1985-1990  Paul L. Menel - vocals
1990  Les "Ledge" Marshall - bass
1991-2011  John Jowitt - bass
2005-2009  Andy Edwards - drums
2007-2010  Mark Westworth - keyboard
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Latest reviews

Silence is always my initial reaction to an IQ album.   Review by R'Vannith ››
With Marillion, and Pendragon, IQ is one of the leaders of the 2nd wave of British progressive bands (after Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis, the fathers of the genre which started their career some years before them). Founded in 1982 , IQ never became popular...   Review by Jeff ››
IQ is a band that has been in the Prog scene for decades now, the band has a loyal fanbase, and this is their eight full length album, and first one in four years.
For those that are not familiar with this band, they play Progressive Rock in the vein...   Review by Undercraft ››


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