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Spock's Beard

Country: USA
Label: Inside Out Music

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1992

1992- Progressive rock


1992-  Alan Morse - guitars, vocals
1992-  Dave Meros - bass, vocals
1996-  Ryo Okumoto - keyboards, vocals
2011-  Ted Leonard - guitars, vocals
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1992-2002  Neal Morse - vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars
1992-2011  Nick D'Virgilio - vocals, drums, guitars
2011-2016  Jimmy Keegan - drums
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2002-2011  Jimmy Keegan - drums
2011  Ted Leonard - guitars, vocals

Latest reviews

While not yet a norm it is genuinely pleasing to see bands succeeding at crowd funding their own creative output. And while it is somewhat curious to see established acts like Spock's Beard - who already have 10 albums to their name - doing it, a successful funding campaign might actually only be mounted when you've got a credible history and a lot of quality material to show for all the years of hard work. For the fan the main question in such a case is: will the 11th album be good enough?   Review by Ivor ››
Spock's Beard chose to call their last album "Spock's Beard", and it's a perfect way to show to the fans that the band is alive and stronger than ever. Even after a long career and after the departure of Neal Morse, the band doesn't...   Review by Jeff ››

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