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Also known as Mae Dae

Country: USA
Label: Inside Out Music

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Formed in: 1989

1989- Progressive metal
1989- Progressive rock


1989-  Ted Leonard - vocals
1989-  Douglas Ott - guitars
1991-  Ed Platt - bass
2001-  Sean Flanegan - drums
2003-  Bill Jenkins - keyboards
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1989-1991  Brian Cline - bass, vocals
1989-2000  Mike "Benignus" Geimer - keyboards
1989-2001  Paul Craddick - drums
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Enchant are a progressive rock/metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area. They have been a part of the Inside Out Music team (Riverside, Ayreon and Haken among others) since 1994. After an 11 year hiatus they are back with their 8th studio album titled The Great Divide. I remember doing an internet search a long time ago for bands "like" Fates Warning (my favorite prog band of all time) and Enchant were one of the results. Not much has changed musically for Enchant since that period because The Great Divide has retained their interesting style of meshing prog rock and metal consisting of memorable compositions, nice vocals and harmonies and great musicianship.   Review by tea[m]ster ››

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