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Shadow Gallery

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Also known as Sorcerer (1985-1991)

Country: USA
Label: Inside Out Music
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Formed in: 1985

1992-Progressive metal


1985-  Carl Cadden-James - bass, backing vocals, flute
1990-  Brendt Allman - guitars, backing vocals
1993-  Gary Wehrkamp - piano, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
1995-  Joe Nevolo - drums
2009-  Brian Ashland - vocals
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1985-2008  Mike Baker - vocals
1990-2005  Chris Ingles - piano, keyboards
1994-1995  Kevin Soffera - drums
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1998  James LaBrie - vocals
1998  D.C. Cooper - vocals
2005  Arjen Anthony Lucassen - guitars
2009  Ralf Scheepers - vocals
2009  Clay Barton - vocals
2009  Srđan "Sirius" Branković - guitars
2009  Vivien Lalu - keyboards

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Room V
I love Prog Metal, but God now why, even if I know Shadow Gallery I just discovered them with their last album "Room V." And damn what a big kick in my ass, I'm still wondering why this band is so underrated (I don't talk about critically...
Review by Jeff ››
Some albums define genres. 1998's Tyranny is one of them. Without ever having a chance at contending with bands like Dream Theater in terms of popularity over the years, Shadow Gallery have marked the ages with several cult albums in the field of...
Review by Dream Taster ››

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