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Country: Italy
Label: Moribund Records

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Formed in: 1996

1996- Black metal


1996-  Alessandro Comerio - vocals, all instruments
2000  L. Neptun - vocals
2000  Mayhem - drums
2005  Gionata Potenti - drums
2009  Razor SK - guitars
2009  Paolo Apollo Negro - keyboard
2009  Daniele Mandelli - lead guitar
2009  M:A Fog - drums
2006  Argento - guitar
2006  Azoth - bass
2006  Gionata Potenti - drums

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Damn, I'm glad I don't run Moribund Records. Nathan Birk, the man behind the label, must single-handedly deal with the largest group of misanthropes and life-haters out there. Dodsferd 'fuck your creation', Bleeding Fist 'fuck...   Review by Lucas ››


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