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Impetuous Ritual

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Country: Australia
Label: Profound Lore Records

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Formed in: 2009

2009- Death metal


2006-  Omenous Fugue - guitars
2006-  Ignis Fatuus - guitars, vocals
2009-  - - bass
2009-  Necros Craigos - drums

Latest reviews

For all seasoned members of our beloved death metal cult, shock value isn't a thing anymore. The walls of sound are hardly impenetrable and all the pieces fall into place with ease. Our attraction towards more extreme and intricate metal is fueled by our desire to go back to that time where chaos was the norm and order was our goal. Yes, my comrades, despite what others might say: there is order in this maelstrom of visceral riffs, disturbing drumming and monstrous vocals.   Review by X-Ray Rod ››

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