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2005-  Christian Bröhenhorst - guitars, backing vocals
2005-  Jonathan Stenger - guitars
2005-  Dennis Weber - drums
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2005  Erik Heß - bass
2005-2006  Thomas Maiwald - bass
2005-2018  Britta "Elchkuh" Görtz - vocals
2006-2008  Sören Becker - bass
2008-2012  Bastian Helwig - bass
2012-2017  Gerrit Mohrmann - bass
2017-2018  Christian Lommer - bass
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With thrash's innovative period long gone, the only way to judge the worth of any thrash band is the quality of songs they churn out. And whilst some of the old guys ala Testament or Death Angel can still crank out some good headbanging, riffy yet catchy tunes, most of the new school rethrash mob have proven to be stuck in neutral when it comes to song writing. Cripper seems to break that mould somewhat even if they stay safely within the confines of traditional thrash for the most part.
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